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This a story about Everlane & me.

Thrift Eye, Everlane store San Francisco

A few years ago when I adopted my sustainable shopping rules, my relationship with clothes and fashion completely changed. Thus, my relationship with this blog changed too. I couldn’t just shop anywhere, how could I when that meant I was supporting brands that were directly responsible for killing people? Now, I had to do research to find and connect with brands that were doing better (for people working there and the planet.)

My biggest change of course, was a self imposed rule that if I bought new clothing, it would have to be made in the USA. This pushed me away from trends and pushed me towards a closet of quality. I won’t lie, Everlane has been one of those brands that kind of stumped me. They don’t hide where their clothing is made (both countries and their factories,) but the brand braves itself on being radically transparent and paying their employees fair wages.

Thrift Eye, Everlane store San Francisco

So when Everlane launched a real store in San Francisco, I had to go in and try things on in person. Buying online never lets you get a better feel of items. I already own a trench coat & few tops from their brand. But I had heard so many raving reviews of their pants. Over here in my closet, I’ve been sick of my skinny jeans…so much that I’ve been wearing the same dresses and skirts more, even with sneakers, just so I don’t have to wear jeans to work. I tried on the wide crop leg pant and I’m in love!

Thrift Eye, Everlane store San Francisco

But I didn’t buy the pants on this visit. I mulled over the price. I made up my mind to go later in the month and buy them. And then I found the same pants, in another color, second hand at Wasteland. I would still like to come into the Everlane store at some point. I would like to get the pants in another color and maybe another fit. What I did purchase though was a pair of underwear, which recently launched. So far, they fit well and feel good! Hooray for sustainable underwear too!

Thrift Eye, Everlane store San Francisco

Hello August

Yikes, hello birthday month. I can’t wrap my head around how it’s a birthday again (shit, I’ve gotten old). Does anyone else get an existential crisis from birthdays?

Thrift Eye

I’m slowly working my way through a dated kids book. The Egypt Game was written in 1967 and hasn’t really held up to times. But I’ll occasionally read older kids books (especially if they won an award) just to see what all the hoopla is about. I’m half way through the book, but part of me is worried I’ll find a racist bit hidden in the story!

Many years ago, I was stuck on a NY to SF flight with the only in flight entertainment option being a pre-selection of 5 CD’s. I listened to a rereleased set of Chet Baker songs for the first time in my life and in a 6 hour loop. My brain has those songs permanently embedded into it. I have a LP and it sounds great on vinyl…I especially love the raspy vibrations as it spins. It makes me feel a strange nostalgia to something I can’t put my finger on. Perhaps because his music is so bittersweet.

My name is Eli and I’m the last person to discover how amazing Indian food is. I was so used to eating Mexican spicy food all my life, now I feel as if I’ve been missing out on such great & different spiciness.

Ugh, I think for the first time in a long time I want LESS clothes. I’ve been doing some big purges lately. Last Monday I had a particularly fruitful cleaning and got rid of lots of tops/tees that were stained or ripped. Why was I even keeping them?! I was able to condense two drawers into one and that feels like such a great accomplishment.

This summer has been one of the busiest times I have ever experienced at work. This means all the cute shoes have gotten a summer break too. I’ve been wearing my black hi-top Converse with every single outfit recently. I don’t care. I just want to be comfortable if I’m going to run around all day.

These last few weeks have been and will be about keeping it simple and clean. Here’s to getting older soon :)

Hello July

What the heck! I’ve already told you all about my blogging woes and the website breaking! Well…in the process to fix it, it sort of broke AGAIN. All my links converted to a different format and that meant I had to fix 12 years of broken or changed links. PHEW! That’s all behind me now but I missed posting for June in trade. But it’s a new month and the year is half way over?!

Thrift Eye, things I like

At the suggestion of a library patron, I started reading The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. A story about his family leaving their home in Mexico to work in the California fields in depression era USA. While classified as fiction, it is based on his real life. It is a harrowing story of the struggles immigrants faced back then. It gives a perspective of what immigrants go through now. My parents are both immigrants from a nearby area the author emigrated from, so it is particularly touching to me! Furthermore, I’m challenging myself even more because I’m reading it in Spanish this time!

I’ve been listening to online radio station SomaFM for YEARS! I’m paricularly fond of listening to the Groove Salad station while working because it’s soothing. It’s a curated online station so you can’t skip ahead if you don’t like a song. I kind of like that some days because I can just let it play. The funny thing is, I’ve been listening to the station since I lived in Las Vegas and the company is based out of San Francisco! (where I live now)

My coworkers and I have been freaking out about how delicious dried mango is. Do yourself a favor and try it. Fresh mango is better of course but this stuff hits the spot in the snacks department.

I’m about to start walking to work soon (instead of taking a congested and annoying bus) so I’m looking for a slip on sneaker. This sough out shoe has to be comfortable to walk and that I can change easily out of when I get to work and put on my real shoes. I hate admitting that I’m kind of drawn to the style that looks like a sock attached to a sneaker heel! I feel kind of ashamed about that (because I HATE the chunky ugly sneaker trend) so I need to find a happy medium shoe!

Soon I’ll be sharing some photos of my trip to the SF Everlane store and me mulling over buying some pants there. And then I went ahead and bought them recently. The wide crop pant is my antidote to skinnyjeans.

This old house again

Many moons ago, I dreamed of a project in which I could wear my designs. I don’t know why, but I had imagined (and I have a very vivid image in my head from that Eureka moment) where someone (me) would wear a t-shirt tucked into their pants, and their top half showed a design from a Victorian San Francisco house. I wanted to make this happen. Then I did. Then I wore it. And I have been wearing it. Probably not as much as I should. Then I got caught up in other things and never really told anyone. Oops!

I’m currently having all the designs and materials hosted through Society 6. Because they manage the printing and design components. They turn my uploaded images into other products too, even though my overall goal was for apparel! I’ve bought this shirt and I really love it. I need to get one of the other designs ASAP because I can’t keep wearing this one on rotation. It’s really fun to have people point at your shirt and ask where it came from, and then be able to respond that I made it!

Here is a link to my Society6 store and a link here to all my Society6 shirts!

Item From Made in… BUY
 San Francisco T-shirt  Society6  Mexico  HERE
 Cheap Monday jeans thrifted  Bangladesh  –
 Swedish Hasbeens clogs Shopbop.com  Romania  HERE
 Casio watch flea market  China HERE

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

I can’t remember why I was experiencing so much resting bitch face in these photos, haha!