Just returned from a whirlwind trip to Tokyo, where I fell in love with the beautiful city. I can’t even form the correct words to describe it at the moment. Before I begin sharing some of the photos from this trip, I wanted to share one last set of photos before I left.

A few months back, I saw Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things post this simple Instagram picture about how she wants to join in the jumpsuit trend, but because of her shorter height, never can – and instead decided to fake it by tucking in a blouse into pants. I have the same issue, but because I’m a bit taller than most. Jumpsuits look weird on me. The body length is sometimes too short, or the waist always falls lower than my natural waist (making me look super wide across). So this tucking in a blouse trick was the perfectly easy solution! A suit for leisure indeed – we went straight to the beach dunes to enjoy the sun and break out my new kite! There was wind for exactly 10 minutes while my picture was taken, and then it mysteriously died, hah. Back to lounging then.

Item From Made in… BUY
Alexander Wang T Nordstrom.com China HERE
Joie silky pants thrifted China HERE
vintage hat Flea Market USA -
vintage Ray Ban wayfarer thrifted USA HERE
Loeffler Randall flats Shopbop.com Brazil HERE

Thrift Eye, diy jumpsuit, all black outfit, style blogger

Thrift Eye, diy jumpsuit, all black outfit, style blogger

Thrift Eye, diy jumpsuit, all black outfit, style blogger

Again, can’t wait to share my Tokyo pictures! Stay tuned :)


This radio silence is not without reason…

I’ve been getting ready for a big trip and have had no time for practically anything! While it will be a little quiet over here, you can follow along on my Instagram to see where I will be heading off to :)

And PS – I had been looking for new comfy shoes for this trip and found these instead (they stayed in the store though). But how fun would these be!

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I’ll touch base with you guys soon!

Thrift Eye DIY: the boxy blouse

Wow, it has been about half a year since I last embarked on challenging myself to sew more and begin wearing clothes I made myself! As last seen here with my DIY raglan tee.

I had gone to visit my parents a few months back and raided my mom’s fabric closet to look for a linen fabric, but ended up with this orangey polyester instead (no linen was found). I thought to myself, I can make this something! I just didn’t know what that something could be in a) this fabric and b) that I could make at my skill level. Because I had lapsed, it was almost like starting over!

I had wanted a linen because of it’s stiff but flowy structure for a blouse, but this polyester could more or less fit that bill too. I found a simple pattern explanation online (you’re basically sewing rectangles together) - this tutorial was one of the most useful, but I used several others (whose links I have now lost) because of the fabric I was using wasn’t what they used. How hard can sewing rectangles be? I was surprised. I learned lots of things along the way! I thought I wanted a top, then I thought I could make a dress. But I ended up over-estimating the width and lost a lot of the fabric, so if I had measured correctly, I could have indeed had enough fabric to make the dress . Which shows me to not just ball-park measurements to actually measure! Next time I will be using another item to guide the size and allowance, or find a flat pattern I can trace like last time. And surprisingly, the neck was a pain in the neck! I did it and redid it 4 times! I learned too late how a bias strip is supposed to be cut – too late because I no longer had extra fabric left to cut it from. But I saw this grey bias strip at my sewing supply store and actually really liked the idea of the contrast. Working through two evenings and voila! I was going to wear this to work dammit! And I did! :)

Item From Made in… BUY
top me USA -
Zara pants thrifted Morocco -
vintage heels consignment store in Las Vegas Spain -
Bill Blass watch Ebay.com Japan -
L’oreal Infallible Charismatic Coral Target.com - HERE

Thrift Eye, diy top, boxy top pattern, sewing your own clothes

Thrift Eye, diy top, boxy top pattern, sewing your own clothes

Thrift Eye, diy top, boxy top pattern, sewing your own clothes

The look I put together was a pleasantly unexpected combination. Burnt sienna doesn’t always pair well with other colors, but the green pants just seemed to work. The texture in the trousers was an extra nice touch I think. The fact that I had shoes to match (I bought them from a consignment store in Las Vegas in 2006!) was the cherry on the top!

And now…what to sew?! I think I really need to go for that dress!