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A larger and more in depth Made in the USA post is overdue – the great thing is that I’ve found SO many insightful articles that I thought I could share with you all that are highly relevant in learning more about shopping responsibly and sustainably.


Model Kyleigh Kühn decided on the eve of her birthday she would mostly only wear vintage clothing (or clothes she already owned) for 87 days for several good reasons. She restates how our fast fashion appetites aren’t sustainable and hurting mother earth. But she also makes a great poing that in dressing vintage, she cultivated a unique look in which you don’t worry about wearing the same things as everyone else (which happens when everyone is shopping at the same places and buying the same things!) I like how she says “After all, Mama Earth suffers whether our new tags say Prada or H&M.”


Many people think that when they donate clothes to a thrift shop, it goes directly to a selling floor where someone else can buy it. But with so much disposable clothes, that’s rarely a case now. And thrift stores have developed a secondary (or sometimes even third) markets reselling your donations in various ways – by finding quality items and vintage to resell at better prices, by finding bottom of the barrel items that can quickly be turned into rags, or even dumping them in other countries. As an avid thrifter myself, this quote struck a chord ‘“Nobody is stupid enough to buy Forever 21 second-hand,” notes Zweig. No one in the developed world, anyway.’”


Have you ever considered the environmental footprint your clothing creates? Now multiply those effects in current times when clothing has become disposable – this is an older article from a scientific journal, but not much has changed (it has probably gotten worse!) The article has some great insights even about how much energy is being consumed when you wash & dry your clothing, taking into consideration what type of materials your clothes are made out of!(natural vs synthetic materials.) “How does a T-shirt originally sold in a U.S. shopping mall to promote an American sports team end up being worn by an African teen? Globalization, consumerism, and recycling all converge to connect these scenes.”


Person sets out to see how easy or difficult it is to buy new Made in the USA clothes at regular, non-fancy everyday stores! Spoiler Alert: it’s difficult. And they capture the irony of it all that I’ve personally always found confusing – “it’s really strange seeing patriotic shirts with flags all over them and finding that they’re made in another country.”



Spotlight on: Clare V.

You’ll be able to follow all of these spotlight posts here, but also keep up with my Made in the USA series here.

I’ve focused quite a bit on clothing in these Spotlight Made in the USA posts, because frankly as I’ve shared, venturing out of that box is difficult. Heck, it’s difficult in the box! With brands often beginning USA made then moving overseas, or doing one part USA made and another ambiguous part overseas. When you get into other merchandise, it often becomes increasingly difficult, but not impossible! (I’m still looking for awesome made in USA shoe brands to share, if you know of one).

I have been following Clare Vivier on Instagram for some time and recently realized that her amazing line of clutches/bags/carry-alls are made in the USA too!

The brand about page states

While her bags are available at retailers worldwide, Vivier firmly roots herself in the Los Angeles design community, where her line has been made exclusively since 2008.

And after watching a long interview about her on Youtube, I learned she began making all the bags herself! So I’m happy for her and that her vision fruitioned! The Fall 2015 lookbook pictures have me lusting for one of her bags now!

Clare V. Fall 2015 lookbook

Clare V. Fall 2015 lookbook

Clare V. Fall 2015 lookbook

Clare V. Fall 2015 lookbook

Clare V. Fall 2015 lookbook

All photos from

I knew quite a few ladies that were rocking the Clare V. clutches – I personally rather get something that can be slinged over my shoulder, so I’ll be saving up for a beautiful tote one day!

Remix: Loeffler Randall love

One thing I have grown to love and need is a top quality shoe. Bad shoes hurt my feet and sole (pun intended). Since I’m standing almost all day at the library, and commute via public transportation, I need shoes that will hold up with me and not destroy my feet. Which is why Loeffler Randall has become one of my favorite shoe brands, especially for flats! I have two pairs that I regularly rotate – and I cannot promote them enough, they are amazing quality shoes!

For a few years, they really were on a kick (pun intended again) on designing shoes in this awesome neutral color they call ‘buff.’ When I got them from Shopbop, they appeared at first to be almost skin color-ish. But getting them in person, they definitely were more tan colored and the leather has actually aged to an even more earthy, borderline terra cotta color that I love!

Per usual with these Remix posts, click on the image to see the original post!

A dress that compliments the shoes very well!
Thrift Eye, loeffler randall flats, style blogger

I love how the shoes contrast with the dark tights.
Thrift Eye, loeffler randall flats, style blogger

An unexpected color combination with reddish pants.
Thrift Eye, loeffler randall flats, style blogger

With an almost all black outfit (I love my hair here! I wish I was brave enough to cut it this short again)
Thrift Eye, loeffler randall flats, style blogger

And last, what do I have here? A practically inverted palette from the previous post! (this is why I love looking back at the archives and seeing stuff like this!) and even here, aptly titled, I was excited about this color combination :)
Thrift Eye, loeffler randall flats, style blogger

A new palette

A few months back while on a thrifting expedition, I came across an interesting selection of items in colors I haven’t been really considering – actual earthy tones. Once I had the things together in the fitting room, I could see they worked cohesively in an interesting palette. The outfit is bright and cheerful, even though the tones are earthy (and not neon bright) that worked well with my hair right how it is here! (it’s now a different shade)

Since I’ve been trying to find more pieces that will easily shift from the workday to the weekend, these will perfectly join the team (in the closet :) )

Item From Made in… BUY
J. Crew knit top thrifted China SIMILAR
Yoana Baraschi skirt thrifted USA HERE
Loeffler Randall flats Brazil Same color, similar style
Bill Blass watch Japan -

Thrift Eye, j. crew roll sleeve sweater, yoana baraschi skirt, style blogger, earth tones outfit

Thrift Eye, j. crew roll sleeve sweater, yoana baraschi skirt, style blogger, earth tones outfit

Thrift Eye, j. crew roll sleeve sweater, yoana baraschi skirt, style blogger, earth tones outfit

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