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I started this little blog when I lived in Las Vegas. It was my home sweet home for five years. I started this blog there because I felt lost in a world where it was difficult to find friends and I was trying to find a career that fit me. I found blogging and I was able to build a tiny community of it, and it helped me appreciate and LOVE living in Las Vegas. So I’m still in a staggered sense of shock to have heard the devastating news about the massacre that happened at that concert and Mandalay Bay. I USED TO WORK AT MANDALAY BAY! Back in the beginnings of this blog, I had also started working at (the now shuttered) Fornarina store, and it was helping me explore global fashion. I spent countless hours and evenings at the Mandalay Bay with locals and tourists. I don’t know where I’m going here with this. I’m sad. I’m mad. I wish this wasn’t the reality we live in. I’m grateful that none of my friends were injured, but so many other people were and that’s nothing to be grateful about.

I had just returned from Mexico and I was feeling invigorated to blog again, and then the hurricanes happened. Then the earthquakes happened. And now this shooting has happened. As I type this, homes are being burnt to the ground less than 50 miles from me in Sonoma/Napa counties! Something else will happen again. I don’t want anyone thinking because I don’t address these things frequently on my blog or social media, that I don’t think about them. They weigh heavily on me. I will be searching for some places to make donations to this week and hope you all can too if it is something you can afford.

Spotlight on: Sea NYC + Shopbop Sale

You’ll be able to follow all of these spotlight posts here, but also keep up with my Made in the USA series here.

I’ve been able to add 2 Sea NYC pieces to my wardrobe (one of which you can see here) and they’re both so delicate and beautiful. It’s exactly how I describe the brand! I have been a fan of the brand for some years now, and I love being able to share it with you all here. I wish I could link all of their collection photos, the fall colors are so rich!

“In 2007, lifelong friends Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan launched Sea from their loft-turned-studio-turned-showroom on Canal Street in NYC. Their thoughtful and vibrant collections emphasize easy-to-wear polished pieces with unique feminine touches and playful twists.”

Sea NYC resort 2018, Made in the USA

Sea NYC resort 2018, Made in the USA

Sea NYC resort 2018, Made in the USA

Sea NYC resort 2018, Made in the USA

Sea NYC resort 2018, Made in the USA

Sea NYC resort 2018, Made in the USA

Sea NYC also happens to be one of the brands available at Shopbop, which is having a big sale until Friday! Click HERE to head on over and look around. Shopbop is one of the few retailers I continue to support because of their endeavors to support brands that are Made in the USA and DO NOT hide where imported items are manufactured in.

Shopbop sale


Wow, well I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging this long…time sure does have a way of warping itself to make month’s seem like seconds. But this break was necessary to recalibrate what I want to share on here. I’ll get into that much later on another post. I just wanted to say hello and let you all know I’ still here ( 🙂 )

Back in the day, you used to find me selling my clothes on Ebay. I’m not giving it a try over at Poshmark (I’m late to the game, I know.) The fact that I can keep the items up there and listed until sold, really is really useful for me.

Find my closet at THIS LINK or click on the image below. My username is Thrift Eye of course!

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Made in USA Monday

Welcome to Made in USA Mondays – where I’ll be exploring trends that caught my eye in small doses, but supporting sustainability and Made in USA!

So I hate apologizing for absences, but I gotta explain that I’ve been living without Internet at home for almost a month. It’s been a really interesting experience! I’m sort of connected again, so you won’t see me gone this long again (I hope!)

I have spent part of my Summer traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles, so my wardrobe is constantly having to cooperate for cool/cold SF and crazy hot LA. Light denim has been my saving grace this year! So these faded blue hues are really calling my name right now.