Erin Fetherston for Target eh…

So Fashionista had a sneak preview that many are talking about right now…and I admit, these pictures are extremely cute. Because lately, Target has managed to come up with really blah stuff. Libertine is almost out, we all want it to be over already so we can get to the Temperley stuff. Considering almost all of the Go International designers have also been women, I’m surprised at all the mediocre things they are putting out too. Come on, Libertine is touting that stripey green and blue dress all over magazines as their big thing. So boring.Anyway, one particular EF dress caught my attention.

image from

Because on my trip to San Francisco, I only spent very little time actually shopping and I bought this really cool dress from the Wasteland shop on Haight Ashbury, that I swear, looks just like that one, just in another color. My proof?

It’s only a tiny bit of the actual dress because I cut it off from another picture. But the tiers and the gradient is almost the same, except the color like I mentioned. Mine is home made, I called it the jellyfish dress because it was so flowy. It was only ten dollars. I feel so cool, hehe.