Help me find a hat.

For a while, I have been craving to accessorize my head with beautiful hair things, but just seem to be lost on what to find. Mostly because I’m not sure of what I want – because I want something out of the ordinary, maybe vintage or vintage looking, it has to be beautiful, but mostly affordable. I think I could just thrift for something, but then the thought of buying a hat that some old man with scabies wore, scares me. I figured I would maybe go to Urban outfitters to find something affordable, but all of their hats are semi expensive for what they have.

Granted they have a few cute ones

pictures from

they took the pictures of their nicer hats off the site for some reason. A nice wooly fedora that came in grey and in mustard. They also have a two tone hat a la Marc Jacobs fall, a blatant copy if you ask me. They have more in store. But the point is, they’re expensive.

I did find a really nice hat that looked pretty clean and new at Buffalo Exchange, for only ten dollars. That seems like a more reasonable price. I’ll wear it later.

So then I recalled how some people (where, I don’t remember) spoke of trying to make copies of those Marc Jacobs gem/mesh headbands. While I haven’t really looked in many places (craft stores should make it easy I hope). At Target the other day I did run across two small clear gems that could run for some Marc ones that are going on eBay.

There isn’t a picture of the ones I got, on the Target website (of course), but I did find this gem headband

Maybe worn to the side? I didn’t see that one in store anyway.

I want something fancy, a little vintage looking. I would love to wear a small vintage hat tilted on the side of my head. Maybe with some feathers. Maybe someone else can find it for me…