Thrifting tactics: things you wouldn’t do normally shopping

For those of you who thrift (or maybe it’s just me?), you catch yourself having these thrifting tendencies, that once you realize, may scare you. And the funny part is that I never would do any of it when I shop anywhere else.

1. The Big Score
You’ve just gone through racks and racks of pleated pants, old sweaters, baggy shirts, mom dresses when you come across that one jem that is not supposed to be there. It may be the material, it may be the brand, or even the price. You’ll have to calm yourself down and bring out the poker face out of slight fear and frustration that the employees will want to charge you more for something expensive.

One time a couple standing in line in front of me was purchasing a silverware set for like $14 when the cashier was raising a fuss. He asked the guy where he got it from, pointed to household things. Then the cashier yelled at his employees because what the guy was buying was real silver and should have been behind a counter. He had to give it to him at the marked price.

Then my sister calls me yesterday to tell me about how she saw a Marc Jacobs jacket at Goodwill -tells me to guess the price. I said 50, because they sometimes want to go crazy. But she said $200. Because it had the original price tags on. But people willing to spend $200 dollars at a thrift store generally never shop there. I wouldn’t spend that much there.

2. Following
I like looking when thrift stores are relatively empty. I hate feeling like I have competition. There’s a person ahead of you, or who walks by, then you see them with something you want, or think you want. So the sensible thing to do? Follow them of course. Follow them until you are sure they buy it. Or maybe when they get out of the fitting room and don’t want it anymore. It’s pathetic I guess. But more sad when you do happen to get your hands on it, to realize you don’t want it anymore!

3. Hiding merchandise
Maybe everyone is guilty of this. You don’t know if you can get it now, but you will be sure later. So you hide it between other racks, behind something, or in a place it’s not supposed to go. Phew, I haven’t done this is a long time thankfully. Once in high school I saw some friends, so I hid all my finds so that they wouldn’t think I was shopping there (but duh, I was there).

4. Not buying something you really want because of how it smells
I will admit that I have left many things I would normally loved to have purchased, solely because they reeked of something that was just unpleasant, ranging from animals, smoke, that familiar vintage smell, unclean homes. And this just isn’t a smell that washes away. It permeates throughout the whole thing, and is there forever. Some of them should just be burned. You would never have to worry about that regular shopping.

Food for thought