My day as the pink girl or how I found the fake

Today I was channeling wearing my shirt tucked in, bright color, and patterns all in one. At times I felt like an elementary schoolgirl. Being that when I usually wear pink (not often), I wear a lot of it.

This particular skirt actually means quite a bit for me. It is one of the few things that I have, that was made for me by my mom when I still lived at home. We somehow found the same fabric in two colors (the skirt is a pink version, but I have a dress in the same pattern but blue). But this was also a time in my life where my mom was certain that if she made me clothes that was the least slightly indecent, she would burn in hell. The skirt STILL fits me right at my knee, and not in a very cute way. So I can’t imagine how flattering it was when I was younger and shorter.

My fast fix was to tuck in part of the skirt back into itself. Then so that it would not fall, cinched it with a belt. It still rode up most of the day, but oh well.

Top: will get to that in a moment, but from Buffalo Exchange $7
Skirt: free, homemade by mum
Belt: gift from old assistant of mine
Hat and Socks: birthday present
Boots: Fornarina Alice in this season
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi Bag

Then there is the issue of my top. When I was browsing the racks at Buffalo Exchange, I was astonished to find this one. Particularly because we always find Fornarina at B.E. since it is a local store for us. But thit tee, the print on it is from this seasons’ collaboration with artist Stina Persson. It is EXTREMELY strange to find something being sold back so soon in the season.

Then I see the tag, and it only says L.O.L. It is obviously a fake Fornarina shirt. But…..I had to have it! I will compensate by getting a real Stina Persson shirt later.

Here is the original print from her website

The strange thing is, I know I have seen that L.O.L brand before. Like at Marshalls, and they would use the same Fornarina crown. I didn’t think of it then, but I realize now that they rely on Fornarina’s small brand loyalty in the US that they think they can get away with copying.