Biker Chic: leather edition

I think I unintentionally dressed like a man this day. What can I say…

Under the jacket I have a Spiderman on the back of my shirt and it has no sleeves. Oy vey. Wont be wearing this again. But I do like the combination of the black and blue. Maybe because the Cheap Monday jeans have a cobalt tint (as opposed to mixing navy and black). And maybe because the black I do have on is faded or leather?

Leather purse. Leather boots. Faux leather jacket. It reminds me of this SNL skit where Jimmy Fallon owns the leather shop and is head to toe leather. I think the shoes and jacket is as far as I will go (no leather pants for me, thanks).

Pic outside the house one morning, excuse the headband, it’s what I use some days to keep my bangs in control and from looking like 80’s mom.

Jacket: bought from some cheapy Forever 21 like store $20 because sales girls had accidentally put it in 50% off section (in fact, if you have cable, Jackie from Bravo’s Workout show once had almost the same jacket, not that it’s important or anything)
Shirt: stole it from brother, cut the sleeves off, sewed it to make it fitted. I wear it backwards.
Denim: Cheap Monday $70 Urban Outfitters
Boots: Fornarina Alice in this season
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi gift