Abusing the socks with shoes

So I have a dillema with the H&M that FINALLY opened here in Las Vegas. They seem to stock every single thing in existence, until it comes to women’s socks. Do other stores even have them? Or is it just ours with a burning desire to keep our feet cold? My solution though, consisted of going into the children’s department and buying the largest size girls socks. Take that H&M. Now I got a multipack of kids socks, that you’d probably charge twice as much if they were in the women’s.

Onto the point. Now that I have all these new socks, I want to wear them with everything, and I want to show them off. So at any opportunity, I will let them breathe.  I know I complained about wearing drab colors, but here I go again wearing a lot of grey. I can’t explain how much in love I am with heather grey, or my obsession with American Apparels tri blend. So forgive me.

Sweater: flea market find $2
Shirt: Target exercise brand $4
Denim: royal blue Cheap Mondays $70
Socks: (in grey!!) H&M five pack $7
Shoes: Fornarina heels

So my color here was the green shoes and the blue jeans.