Be like boy

On any particularly lazy day, even dressing up, the fashion game gets overwhelming. These are the days that I usually don’t take pictures of. This was all a combination of not wanting to get dressed up, probably being  tired of work,  being  cold, not wanting to rummage through all my clothes to wear anything. All that together pulls  an outfit like this.  Slightly embarrassed to think that I was dressed more like a boy than the boy I was with.

Sweater on top: friends sweater that I was mending holes, borrowed for the occasion, now returned
Sweater inside: taken from sister
Shirt: American Apparel, free at trade show
Denim: Cheap Monday jeans $70 Urban outfitters
Shoes: thrift store find $2
Hat: beret, thrift store find $2

I did the colors I ended up mixing. I think I will try it again at a later time with something more feminine and not lazy.