Closet Case

I think I have moved closets a total of four times since I have started this blog, and have spent my whole life trying to customize some sort of organization that made sense (especially in the times where I had to share closets or room space).

Upon visiting the clothing convention last year where I was able to snag some legit, fancy metal hangers. I’ve been able to compile some sort of dream closet where I don’t have to use 99 cent store plastic hangers anymore.

thrifteye, thrift eye

We can start at the top. On the left are stacks of folded sweaters, anything that isn’t a coat or jacket (those go in another closet solely for jackets and dirty laundry). They’re usually in two stacks. Next to them are another two stacks of folded leggings and shorts of all sorts. Basically non pants type of pants. I usually wear these as pajama bottoms now so they’re easy to access.

Moving onto the right side top. Is a shoe box for my Prada shoes. I’m afraid to toss them in with all the other shoes. So I leave them in the box they came in. Then a box full of scarves, knitted ones and silk ones. Then a smaller box of belts. I bought these boxes at Ikea ages ago when I first moved out of the dorms back in 2002!

My clothes have been organized methodically, and there is a method to this madness now. I bought a bunch of vintage hangers at a thrift store over the course of a year. They look like suit hangers from a vintage dry cleaners. They are wood with metal reinforcements. So on the right side of my closet is where I put all dresses that fall into the vintage category. If it isn’t something made in this decade or I didn’t buy new from a store, it goes on this side of the closet. Two items per hanger. But to the far right there is a space reserved for skirts. I don’t have many so they all go here together.

Hanging in the middle is a shoe organizer. This is where I keep my Fornarina shoes, at least the ones that fit. There are two pair in each slot. I have a shoe rack, which is now full of shoes, overflowing really. I usually like to only keep boots on the floor, since they’re so cumbersome to organize. But now a few shoes have ended up on the floor too.

I had to Photoshop the door out, so there’s a weird void in the middle. But on the left side is where I keep newer dresses, anything that I purchased new at a store or is from this time (like things I buy at Buffalo Exchange). This organization works really well for me because I realized there are days where I feel like wearing vintage and others where I don’t even want to look at it. This works YEARS better than having everything mixed up. I found this nice metal hangers left over at the fashion convention. Since each booth is showing off their seasons clothing on racks, this one booth decided to just leave all the hangers (most people arrive by plane and have to take everything themselves to the airport, lots of things are always left behind). I walked out with almost all of them. Also two dresses per hanger.

On the far left I have a few items I deemed worthy of hanging on one hanger by themselves. Just things that are special, made of organza or silk, stuff that wrinkles much, or that is just so pretty that I can’t put in with everything else. Like the turquoise thing hanging that is a vintage prom dress that I can’t find any occasion to wear to. Maybe a wedding this Spring.

I used to hang up all my pants in another closet when I lived in another room of the house, because that rooms closet was so small, I had to hang my pants in the closet outside. So I had to walk outside my room to get pants if I ever wanted to wear them. It was so inconvenient that it made me hate hanging pants. I just fold all my pants and jeans into these three cubes. One for trouser pants and my shorts. Light denim, dark denim.

Sitting neatly above that are two Marc Jacobs bags that I bought at the store a few months ago. I used to use them as totes but I have so many freaking totes they were just everywhere. I designated these two to hold things now. The blue one has all my hosiery that isn’t short socks. They used to be in my sock/underwear drawer but were so full that I had to take them out separately. ┬áThe red one just has loose odds and ends from when I switched rooms. I never organized that junk so it just stayed in there.

That’s more or less what consists of my closet at this moment. The best I can do without having a walk in closet. I do have a drawer for tops, and another closet for coats and jackets. So they don’t play a part in this equation. I just spent the weekend cleaning my room and it’s so satisfying to have some sort of organization done. I just need to get into the habit of not leaving things on the floor and putting things back where they belong. I guess this is easier now that I’m an adult. I don’t know why it was so horribly complicated before.