Small accents, worth the effort

At times I feel like my clothes, all of them, are just costumes for me. Some days I feel like dressing up, others totally down. I can make up themes with stripes, plaids, dots, lace, different colors, different fabrics, textures, you name it. It all seems very mathematical some days and I realize there are so many different combinations 200 x 200 = why it’s hard to get dressed in the morning sometimes. You figure in a top, bottom, shoes, coats, sweaters, accessories. Then putting away all the stuff you pulled out and didn’t wear. It’s a wonder we even leave the house sometimes.

What I’ve gotten in the habit of doing sometimes (more frequently) is imagining outfits in my head the night before. Sometimes a theme. So that when I wake up, and begin to get dressed I kind of have an idea of what I don’t want to wear. Which makes it easier to pick what I do want to put on.

thrifteye, thrift eye

Sweater: Fornarina $18 at Buffalo Exchange

Top: Gap hand me down

Denim: Fornarina

Boots: Gseries

It may not seem like it at first, but I put a lot of effort into this outfit. Maybe even more than usual. At first glance (or maybe front glance) it looks like that’s just it. But behind is another story.

thrifteye, thrift eye

My inspiration, and this maybe seem silly, were these socks-

thrifteye, thrift eye

I bought them from H&M in the kids department because they were so cheap (they had fallen out of a set). And liked the combination of the pink and flesh tone. So I took the little pink I had to wear, and mixed it with a similar nude top, that had stripes, and voila! Even though no one would see the socks. I knew where it was all coming from. I also bought this silly little bow thing at H&M cause I thought it was cute, and it fit right in with all the other things.

thrifteye, thrift eye