Every time I wore this Alternative Apparel V neck it always felt kind of off. The V is very low, but also very wide. As opposed to the American Apparel version which really isn’t so deep, but enough to stand out on it’s own. Either way, I always wore it. I tried to come up with an outfit for this day – my sister came to visit me, and it was her birthday. So a night of some drinks, food, lots of laughing, lots of music was in call. I wanted to be very comfortable, yet girly for some reason.

I couldn’t step away from the grey, but I didn’t want to wear the top showing off way too much. So voila! Wear it backwards!

thrifteye, thrift eye

thrifteye, thrift eye

Bow: H&M kids section $4

Top: Alternative Apparel from Buffalo Exchange $10

Belt: cant remember at the moment

Skirt: Target sale $12

Tights: Thrifted spandex $5

Boots: Fornarina Alice boots

Looking at these pictures again makes me wonder how I ever wore that shirt forwards! It has to have stretched out, or else my entire bra would always be showing!