Simple Day

I remember a few years ago when the first H&M opened in the Southern California area a few years ago, and I ran there and this plaid dress shirt was the first thing I bought. Not really for fashion, but more for comfort reasons now that I look back on it. I wear it when its cold (I guess flannels really do serve a purpose), but also when I really cant figure out what else to wear.
thrifteye, thrift eye
Top: H&M shrirt dress $15
Leggings: Mango $16
Long socks: $10
Boots: Fornarina Alice
I was just enjoying the thought of having so many things layered on my legs
thrifteye, thrift eye
Also, on a side note. I was recalling a very old conversation with a coworker when work used to be retail at the Fornarina store, and how I said something like “You know what Fornarina needs? A famous face!” As in someone famous to be the face of the label, to drive sales, and create name recognition. But then they chose Lindsay Lohan, and then they closed the Las Vegas store. So I don’t know whats going on anymore. only that the website has now updated with the full line for the Spring check it out www.fornarina.comĀ