Another American Apparel DIY

I have had problems taking my mom into the American Apparel store with me, before, all she would say is “Let’s leave, I can make that myself for you” and would just kind of huff and puff around the store. And this happened on more than once occasion.

Anyway, one day out of the blue she calls me and tells me that she just had made my sister one of the Le Sac dresses and if I wanted one. I said yes of course, in grey of course. Thinking she understood my heather grey obsession, but instead she had this gunmetal grey which is okay too now. And she knew to pair the rope part in a violet color. I love my mom.

I rolled up my dress, brought  it back with me to Las Vegas and wore it for a breezy (okay, windy hell) Sunday where we went to get an awesome lunch Sushi buffet, then flying some kites.






Dress: Mom DIY Le Sac Dress

Shoes: Fornarina heels

I am looking at these photos and it is a true testament to needing a tan – a slight one, because I enjoy being pale. But I didn’t realize I was bordering albino!