Back to reality

In yesterdays post, I was wearing a black tank top and grey skirt, and because it was my last full day in Madrid, and we had to leave early the next day. I figured, I’d just wear it again to go to the airport. Little did I realize that I would spend the next two and a half days running around the airport, in planes, long layovers, that I wore that outfit until I got home three days later. I was so sick of all my clothes when I got back to LA, that my mom had to let me borrow a big floppy top of hers to wear as a dress. I didn’t want to see anything of mine.

I had strategically planned to only take black and grey clothes, while dreary, it helped me manage what to take, blend in with the locals, and made packing 20x easier. I had one light coat, one blazer, flat boots, converse, and everything else in between were just separates like leggings, tops, dresses that I could mix and match for three weeks. And it worked perfectly. But once I got there I realized I could have been less frugal, that I should have brought a slightly bigger luggage. This allowed me to only bring back a few things (which has it’s pros and cons, but I can’t go back and change how it happened).

But I did buy a few things. Like these super girly flats that were for Diana. She got some with pink flowers, I bought myself some in blue. They are from the Fuencarral Mercado in Madrid. Which was a storefront on the Fuencarral street that was actually a bunch of independant designers and stores put into a market type of store, there were lots of booths with all sorts of different clothes for all sorts of different tastes. Which explained to me how the people of Madrid can dress the way they do. Much like the US, where people dress in every way imaginable, we saw this again in Madrid. They embrace every trend and every decade, and give it their own twist. It was very pleasant to see this. But now it’s back to the real world, I have to wear my clothes again.