This is the result of hating all of your clothes I guess. And since I only wore black and grey for three weeks, a break, a release from all the anxiety of wanting color in my life. Again. But even then I could’nt find a satisfying outfit for the day. So this things I grabbed last minute had to work. Forget that the blue from my top is a totally different blue from my pants. Or that it’s a dressy shirt with messy denim. I do like that my once really blue Cheap Monday’s have now faded to this subtle blue, almost grey. So I guess they match my shoes. blah blah blah



Top: Fornarina. Denim: Cheap Monday from Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Converse lowtops

I still regret not getting some jeans at the Cheap Monday store in Stockholm, they would have been only about $40. But I had absolutely no room in my luggage. Next time…