Oddly enough

The internet and I have had a weird relationship as of late. Theres a fine line between love and hate, and the internet blurs it so bad that I found myself not being able to see clearly anymore.

Let me explain.

I like many of you found myself clouded in a life of gossip blogs, my every morning check to see who did what, whos doing whom, blah blah blah. Before I left to my trip, I made myself a resolution to stop looking at these types of blogs cold turkey one night. And I haven’t. That morning after the decision, I also told myself no gossip magazines. They’re all over work, so it’s hard as well. But I manage now, finding other things to read during breaks and lunch. I found myself so caught up in this crap that it was really interfering with my life I think. Why did I need to know all this information? And I kept excusing it with things like “oh well Michael K on the Dlisted is so funny” which he really is, but its the celebrity gossip that I can’t handle anymore. I can’t figure out why we all became so obsessed with this crap. So I gave myself the steps to remove my life and mind from online content like this in order to be able to remove myself from it almost completely. This is no longer a relationship the internet and I have.

That, along with subscribing to RSS feeds has significantly cut down my internet time.

Which leads me to look forward to some posts of some off kilter blogs that I have been following as of late.






All having their own niche I think, with great pictures and/or great written content. Something substantial for me to feast on in the mornings or evenings. I haven’t given up on you yet internet.