Your old ways

When I landed at LAX, I fully expected it to be warm and sunny. Much to my surprise it was a bit rainy. Just like how I expected Vegas to be 100+ when I got here, and that wasn’t the case either.

After a good sleep in my own time zone, the next morning I was able to wake up and hang out with Diana again. This time we went to our trusty old swapmeet. But because it was a Tuesday, the booths were limited and random. That’s why it’s better to go on the weekend.

She had to let me borrow a light sweater because I didn’t. But we walked around the outdoor swapmeet having a fun time looking around. For some reason everyone was selling bikini’s. 2 for $1. We even found a 3 for $1 booth. So we got some of the separates. Most were from Target, but we found some brands from Milly, Shoshana, and other random brands I can’t remember right now. So that was pretty cool.


Sweater: borrowed. Top: really old H&M tank dress. Leggings: American Apparel tri blend. Sandals: Bershka in Madrid

I’ve been wearing these sandals to death since I got back. They’re from Bershka, which could be the Forever 21 equivalent in Spain. I love the snake print, and they’re so comfy. One of the few things I was able to buy.

It’s not really noticeable here, but I’ve colored my hair really dark. I’m just tired of roots, I’m tired of brasiness. So I’m going to give this a go for a while.