American Apparel baby

Somehow I got coaxed into going out to a really local, and oppposite side of town club thing. Mainly because I wanted to support my boyfriend who takes photos there. I really just wanted to wear this huge slouchy shirt I got at the American Apparel warehouse sale, but then the only pants I could wear with them were my American Apparel ones.

I came early and left early, so I was the first test shot of the night. I look like I walked out of a 80’s club with my side pony tail and bright legs.


Top: American Apparel. Leggings: American Apparel. Belt: American Eagle. Heels: Fornarina.

Then he took the photo op himself


I guess I don’t know what people wear to clubs anymore, because I would wear this out on a typical day. While I was typing this I realized he’s wearing his American Apparel tshirt I bought him too! Oh dear. I guess it’s difficult to not admit that they have good basics when you can get them at their cheapest prices.

At the clothing conventions I would go to here, they always presented themselves at a booth. But I think they didn’t last year because those booths mainly focused on selling wholesale to companies that would print tees. But it’s easy to see that they’ve moved away from wholesale to their own retail – opening lots of stores and introducing many original, but still basic American Apparel designs. Just go to the website now and checkout these seersucker skirts and bloomers that they have and tell me they’re not cute.

Recently while at the gym, I noticed my old pair of leggings by AA that I use to workout are coming apart sadly. I’m going to undo the seams so I can use it as a pattern and see what happens from there.