Americana: Shopping adventures in Glendale

I can say that when in So Cal, we usually do our usual. Shopping at Pasadena, sometimes we’ll venture out to places we’ve been to before. But when Diana suggested we go to the outdoor mall Americana in Glendale, I was kind of reserved. What is it about unfamiliar places sometimes that doesn’t seem so appealing? Except I was wrong in my convictions and found this place to be pretty cool. And next to the Glendale Galleria, which I had gone to over ten years ago and was left with a feeling of wanting to go back.

The H&M at the Americana was huge. It had tons of stuff that our H&M never gets. The one in Vegas only seems to have cotton basics, they never get anything remotely fashionable. And the one in Pasadena is small. So we had fun trying on stuff.

Diana found herself this blue dress, which I personally think is amazing.


And I got myself this structured skirt, which I can’t wait to wear. I was trying it on with this funky bathing suit top (while moving around of course), just to see what it would look like with a peep of stomach. Did not get the top.


I also got the tennis shoes from the previous post, but saw all sorts of other amazing things that if I were not waiting for the fall stuff to come out, might have gotten.

Diana did finally also find her size Vena Cava x Gap dress. But this dress is ridiculously difficult to get on and off. No zippers!? We’ll wait til it’s on sale.


We also got to eat at Portos, which just happens to be my now favorite eating spot/bakery. Find it if you haven’t yet.