Finding the truth and the lies: thrift store edition

Part of the whole thrifting lifestyle is being able to differentiate between fake items and the real deal. The real deal will come across few and far between, the fakes are a dime a dozen.



Sometimes now I don’t even turn anymore, there’s no point in getting excited anymore. In fact, when I have found something good, of value, I get kind of scared that it is fake or that someone is going to take it from me. Which is ridiculous, I know.

Being all that it is, thrifting fakes really turns into a whole other element than just buying the fake online or in a store. You’re not creating profit for some counterfeiter, only the thrift store itself. So do oyu still buy the fake because of the “label” or because you really like it? As in, if it didn’t have this fake label, would you still buy it? Or if you buy something, then realize later it’s fake, same thing?!