Pasadena Trippin

If you have never been to the Forever 21 in Pasadena, you really don’t know what you’re missing. I always accompany Diana there, because I just use the massive amounts of merchandise as inspiration or to buy accesories (I am on a clothing shopping ban). The building used to house a Saks Fifth Avenue that long ago disappeared before any sort of economic meltdown. So imagine how much stuff would need to be put in to fill this department store sized place! Somehow Forever 21 manages to do that.

I captured this picture of something I’ve been visualizing in my head for some time now. I knew I wanted a white fluffy skirt, but mainly a white crinoline skirt. And here it was standing before me.


One should be coming into my hands pretty soon.

We also went down to the Gap store because I was telling Diana about the Vena Cava/CDFA stuff they had there that I thought she would like. She fell in love with the dress.


Except we didn’t realize there’s no zipper on this thing, you have to pull it over your head to put it on. So odd.

We love old town Pasadena.