Red, White, and Blue

In my personal life, I am not that patriotic. But I am happy to have an extra day off, not to mention that I LOVE fireworks. So that being said, happy Fourth of July to all of you in the US. Enjoy your BBQs and get togethers. We’re excited because since it falls on a Saturday, we get an extra day off (since Saturday always means work for me).
This is the only red, white, and blue outfit I have – and I’m too lazy to post an outfit today because we were swimming way too late and had to get up way too early.
thrift eye, thrifteye
This was at Lake Mead, our dwindiling water hole that we have here in Vegas. Back when I used graphics on top of my pics! Rocking that playsuit again. I don’t think I’ll ever wear that one again because the top part has stretched out to grand proportions.
Be safe, down blow off your fingers with fireworks. I might be on my way to California again!