There is a reason behind this self imposed shopping ban of mine. Almost two months ago, I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I think I went a little crazy. I got shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes. I NEVER go that crazy, I get a few things. And I spent almost all of my money for my trip in that one afternoon. That was it, I realized that I needed moderation.

Some of what I got were these beautiful vintage stone rings, I got one for each finger (so unlike me, but they were too beautiful). I was sensible and only wore a few here (have you ever had anyone shake your hand with rings and smash your fingers?! I’ll only wear a few again because of this).

009 copy

And as you can see, I decided to be uber colorful. See I usually don’t buy stuff at Forever 21, except accesories. But the print on this dress shirt is awesome, along with the tights full of flowers. Together? Why not! Also, my little vintage shoes that I now love to death.

013 copy

Dress and tights: Forever 21. Shoes, belt, purse: Vintage

010 copy

Jump for joy, Im excited to be blogging again :)