It all started with a simple dress: The impossible dream

Oh my, earlier in the year (March), I had fallen in love with this toile flowery dress that I saw on the Cherry Blossom Girl Alix. But even then it was a two year old dress from H&M, making it somewhat impossible to find. Not too long after I found a grey version, which sufficed my grey fix that I had back then.

I found the dress a while back, but making its debut now. I love it, and found it for a bargain on ebay because it was a size 14. It actually wasn’t too big, I just put a belt on it and plan on slimming it down later. But this dress is just beautiful, and I get so many nice comments when I wear it.

002 copy

006 copy

Dress: H&M, belt and shoes: Vintage. And Dot the Kitty.

The shoes are also one of the last things I bought almost two months ago at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I literally stole them off a girl’s feet as soon as she slipped them off. This winter I am going to focus on boy like shoes, I’m in love.