With Envy

I used to really love this sweater. But somewhere along the way, it got way too short (washing it?) and just too itchy! I’ve replaced it with another green turtleneck I got at H&m instead. This sweater is just the epitome of Fall to me. One of my first purchases upon becoming financially independent. It’s a shame it has to go, but let’s make room for nicer, non itchy things. And after wearing that H&m sweater instead today, I think I’m going to be more meticulous about purchasing things by how they feel. Gosh, it is nice to not be itchy!

026 copy

028 copy

Scarf: H&m. Turtleneck: Banana Republic. Belt: Vintage. Denim and shoes: Fornarina

I’ve dyed my hair a darker shade, not just for fall, but to get my hair all one color. It’s really long, and I have no idea what to do with it. So I’m kind of experimenting without having to get a haircut.

  • Eyeliah

    wow, your hair is getting really long!

  • WendyB

    Can't stand itchy things!

  • Eli

    Yes my hair grew crazy long out of nowhere!

    And yes Wendy, after the joys of not being itchy, is it worth it to be itchy ever again?

  • StĂ©phanie

    So great !