Dreaming of Shearling

I’ve fallen in love with a coat style, but my objective is to be very warm. I’m longing for a coat, that could be a rug maybe, I’m looking for some shag or shearling.

In my dreams, I think about this Rick Owens yummy leather jacket. I want to wrap myself up in it and never leave the house again. Someone was recently selling this on eBay.


A while back while venturing through Forever 21 with Diana my sister, we came across a jacket that was kind of a throw back to what could be the RO jacket. There was also another one online. I can swear the one we saw in the store was even slightly different from these. What you give up in price you give up in quality, never compare real to fake leather. Also, these jackets are cut a bit short and boxy. Someone with a smaller frame might fit them well. But I don’t want to wear a jacket that sits above or at my waist, I want to be warm!


Here then I am not left with many options. I’ve tried looking on ebay, I search for some combination of shearling and motorcycle jacket. So I was checking out Etsy on the tip of another blogger and ran across this search for shearling The Black Market Baby. Which is just amazing, I think I will save up to buy something from there. These caught my eye


AND THEN…on black Friday while shopping with Diana and our mom. We came across this beauty at Zara. It’s not fur, nor leather (I think), but it’s so soft and warm. I want to live in this. Like a non ugly snuggie. I really think if they had had it in my size, I would have bought it for the $99 price tag. A girl can only dream.

  • WendyB

    Save your pennies — no matter how long it takes — and invest in real shearling. I've had a shearling coat for over 10 years that's still going strong. Warmest thing I own!

  • AsianCajuns(Lauren)

    Oh yes that RO coat is absolutely drool worthy! I don't own a real leather coat either, and I make sure not to compare it to the real deal because I think I would be a little grumpy 😉 I love the Zara coat- I hope you can find it in the perfect size!
    ps- have you found a fur collar yet? The one Cath found is indeed H&M, but in Atlanta I have seen a few thrifted fur collars. Good luck with the hunt!

  • Eli

    Wendy, if I'm going to believe anyone, I'm going to believe you.

    Lauren, I want a faux fox collar, and the ones at H&m were all black! I'll keep looking. But yes, I want that Zara coat, I see hearts in my eyes when I think about it.

  • Eli

    I went to zara today, mine in Vegas to try on the coat, they had it in my size. But now I'm wishing that it was all black or brown with the light colored shearling inside! I cant make up my mind!

  • Raez

    wow, so chic! id lvoe a shearling coat too, theyre fantatically fashionable and warm:)

    xx raez

  • Eli

    I know, and they're so warm!!

  • Stéphanie

    I love, I love, I love !

  • DesignerElla

    Save or even splurge on a shearling coat that also looks fab & flattering. It'll last forever and you want to be warm & cozy ASAP.

    Try to find something vintage on Etsy or somewhere else that sells genuine high quality for a deal?

  • Eli

    Yes, I'm definitely going to save up for something nice that I'll be able to keep for years instead of something from Forever 21 that might fall apart by next winter. I've been scouting ebay religiously. It gets chilly in Las Vegas in the winter, but I'll need this coat for when I move to San Francisco!

  • Amy

    I am dreaming of a shearling coat too! I love that black leather one you have pictured.



  • Eli

    I know, isnt it so luxurious! I really need to save up for something nice like that

  • khyentse

    Hi, Love the coats. Where is the black one from?

  • Eli

    its from a very cool etsy store

  • khyentse

    I mean the black one above, next to the brown one from Forever 21. I didn't see it on the Etsy site.

  • Eli

    they are both from Forever 21 actually, it might not be in stock anymore. Their website is a real pain to navigate some times because some things show up and others dont. There is a third shearling jacket I've seen in the store that isn't on the website at all. It might just take a bit of browsing or it just might not be up there anymore. They dont list them under shearling, that search wont produce anything. For some reason, search for fleece.

  • khyentse

    Thank you!

  • K8

    I would say definitely invest in the more expensive one…that's definitely something that will last awhile and not go out of style.

    Fashion X K8.blogspot.com

  • khyentse

    Thank you!

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