Dusty Roads

I’ve typically hated the desert, ever since I moved to Las Vegas.
But upon some contemplation the other day…I realized that there really is a certain beauty that can be taken from it. Especially during sunrise or sunset, or particularly clear days. Some times the sky looks like it is on fire. Other days, clouds bloom all over the sky.
The other day these photos came out appearing dusty, and I really liked how it looked. It reminded me of the desert. And since my time here is counting down, I might as well appreciate it while I can.
There is also something rather hilarious about seeing giant tumbleweeds blowing through want appears to be an urban city. I might be the only person who finds this funny.

Thrift Eye

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Top: Vintage denim from Rose Bowl Flea. Skirt: Anthropologie. Shoes: Men’s shoes also from Rose Bowl Flea.

I have had quite a lot on my mind recently, and I contemplated even making a post dedicated to a whole other subject. After seeing Capitalism: A Love Story, I’ve opened my eyes to many more things we choose to ignore. If you’ve been following me on my Twitter, you’ve probably already seen me ranting and raving. After doing more and more research, I see how much more of a Liberal than Democrat I really am. And I even find it strange to have to put labels on wanting humans to have equal rights. Working at the public library, I am on the front line of seeing how American’s are affected by what ails us today. It really puts life into perspective and makes even fashion seem so insignificant to me at this point in my life. (but I still gotta get dressed every morning though). So that being, just a little rant. I’m going to try my best to be a kind human being and reach out to others. Even those who cannot understand or care.

  • Shey

    this is a beautiful look, I love your skirt and the way you combined it you look great.

  • m e l i g r o s a

    your hair and skirt
    you are a cutie
    bella bella 😀

  • Lisa

    Cute skirt! Yeah I am doing a report on womens' poverty and the situation is pretty bad. 1% of the pop in the US control 95% of the wealth. Also, I just announced my first competition on my blog and I would love you to be a part of it if you'd like. Just send me a vintage or thrifted outfit picture to starshipnarcissus@gmail.com to enter. More details on the blog.

  • Eli

    Chelsea, I'm moving your comment you accidentally posted below in the wrong post!

    Chelsea said…

    I super love the colors in this outfit. The skirt is fantastic and so are the shoes.
    Also, I agree with your rant. Sometimes my worrying about my closet seems so superficial compared to everything else that is going on in the world, but then I have to remember that it makes me happy and I don't spend inordinate amounts of money on it. It is sort of like a hobby? You can't care about everything and everything you care about doesn't need to be world changing.


  • Eli

    Yes, I really believe some times it takes something simple as a movie to figure all this awful information out. I've been following Yahoo news closely, and have been hopeful after hearing all the new bank regulations that are finally being put back into place like they should have been!

  • Anonymous
  • Ashley

    I really want to see that documentary! And I bet the desert is really lovely, it sounds it from your description!


  • susie_bubble

    The dusty colours are amazing in those shots… all set off by that skirt me thinks…
    Gah… I've got politics on my mind (general election coming up in the UK…)… sadly I feel like I'm being duped from all parties…

  • Eli

    Anon- I did see it, republicans are going down!

    Thank you Susie, I think the skirt is the center of it all too. I really wish I could find something like it elsewhere.

  • Francesca♥

    i love your skirt, great blog! ♥

    take a look at mine: http://pillowtalkkk.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    love your skirt cute cute

  • sayablack

    Cuuute stripe skirt!
    and beautiful background.
    I visited Las Vegas 3 times.
    I hope I go to there again!!!

  • Imelda

    Cute skirt!

  • Eli

    Vegas is cool to visit, I do not recommend living here! hehe

    thank you ladies for all the kind words 🙂

  • Anonymous

    love your skirt girl

  • Paperdoll

    I love this skirt with the men's shoes! And thank you for commenting on my blog.

  • RenaTsan

    how can i follow your blog?


  • pomegranate season

    I have that same skirt. Love it paired with those shoes!