Black, white, and red

Went out the other night to celebrate a photography show for a friend Bryan Hainer and my boyfriend. They did some really great photos. Since I have not gone out in what seems like forever, it was such a good chance to catch up with so many great friends and we celebrated the event with a late night dinner at our favorite Sake bar restaurant Ichiza. Which happens to be one of the best places to eat if you are ever in Las Vegas.

I found these heart tights at H&M not that long ago, and fell in love with them. Because I also bought some heart socks there. Hence the matching heart clock.

I kind of feel like a schlump after looking at these photos because I had rushed home after work to change and get to the show quickly. After seeing them, I cut my bangs back to normal length. I look weird with the side swept, and this was just the motivation to cut them.

Dress: Vintage Guess thrifted. Tights: H&m. Shoes: YSL wedges from Buffalo Exchange. Necklace: Marc Jacobs heart clock.

With my great looking friends

Old roommates reunite

My friend Marissa especially looked amazing this night

She’s wearing a Luella for Target dress and some amazing backwards heel shoes we found while thrifting a while back.

She found a hat that my boyfriend had brought along for funzies…she looked great, I told her it reminded me of the motorcycle Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld
(photos courtesy of

Chanel motorcycle collection 1

I’ve been getting so much love from you guys lately! I really appreciate each and every single one of your comments and emails!