Weekend chic

As anyone who works a five day week can testify to, you learn to enjoy the weekends because you get to dress a little more casual or dressed up (depends on your liking). I’ll do both depending on who I’m meeting up with or doing. Last weekends outfit was a mix of both…I found these shorts at Buffalo Exchange and decided they were too cute to not buy. I’m finding a new love for shorts, which are a must in the Las Vegas summer. But I never seem to find a pair that fits well. So these were it for me.

001 copy

I feel like I look like I just got off a motorcycle.

003 copy

Shirt: vintage denim from Rose Bowl Flea. Shirt under: Yves Saint Laurent tee from Buffalo Exchange. Shorts: Dockers also from BE. Shoes: Fornarina from Fornarina on Melrose.

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas in the summer you know the impending doom that is upon us – the heat. I’m actually reallllly dreading the heat, anxious even. It is just disgusting, like sticking your body in an oven. Avoid Las Vegas in the summer! The only plus are the beautiful desert thunderstorms and the warm nights.

  • La Fille D'or

    Those shorts look great on you!

  • Revital

    this is a great outfit!! I love the weekends! I usually dress up at the weekends- since on the week I go to college- and no one there dress up that much. they all throw on themselves a pair of ragged jeans and messy t shirt… so I dont wanna look odd and dress up too much


  • Cassie

    Oh man I have to wear an uniform at work so I have to take advantage of my weekends! you look great!

  • Anonymous

    love your green shorts!

  • closet obsessions
  • Eli

    weekends are for extremes, either get really bummy and hang out or get dressed up and show off! I'm an advocate of both!

  • Angela

    Ah I love dressing down on weekends! I have to dress up at work and I love to just relax on my days off! You look great!

  • Anonymous

    where are you?

  • Missy

    I like the color of your shorts

  • Missy

    I like the color of your shorts

  • WendyB

    Great shades.

  • Yuka

    i love the denim selection at the rosebowl! shirt looks great on you

  • Mochachocolata Rita

    love the shoes and the aviators. cool weekend look! πŸ˜‰

  • Raez

    love! your shoes are so awesome:)

    xx raez

  • TheStreetFashion5xpro

    Gorgeous post! Great outfit…

  • Anonymous

    fabulous legs!

  • fashion clocked

    eli- thanks for your worry- about Las Vegas- i've been before in JULY and although an 'outsider' all expenses paid and incredible accomodation always chills the heat!! I couldn't live there or with an astro-turf lawn- but the trips are always fun!

  • Eli

    YES! being indoors in the Las Vegas summer with air conditioning is a must! Most ppl who come here have no clue, I sure didnt my first summer!

  • Eli

    wow thanks!!

  • Phuong

    gorgeous top, love the colour with the denim jacket!

  • Elizabeth

    really liking your denim shirt, I wish I could find one like that

  • Manja

    Oh that outfit is so cool! As soon as it is warm enough here (Wow, I have been saying that for a month already, haha) I will have to pair my denim shirt with my newly thrifted shorts, too!

  • Iva

    great shorts!

  • Domonique Wilson

    Adore the shirt and shorts, your hairs pretty rocking too : )


  • Imelda

    Very nice outfit! Love the shorts!

  • Eli

    wow thank you all for the kind words!

  • hannah, heart city

    great look! love the mix of colors. the green shorts are rad!

  • Vicci

    Love your outfit! Its nice to find another great blog!

  • Missa

    You do look like you could have just gotten off a motorcycle with that perfectly tossled hair and those shades, very cool!

  • Style with Benefits

    You look so casual cool! Love the shorts. I too am finding a new love for shorts since I usually live in jeans and tanks during the LA summers.

    xo, becs

  • LyddieGal

    I really love the color combo, and the oxfords are so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Jane

    love the combination of green, pink, and denim! xoxo

  • That girl is..

    Hi, love your blog! You look amazing here!

  • veronika, tick tock vintage.

    these shorts look lovely on you – i can't imagine how hot nevada must get. i'm dying to visit there, after seeing pictures of the sign graveyards (where they throw all of the lights from las vegas), i really want to check it out!

  • Taylor Sterling

    great colors in your outfit! I love the shoes!

  • *DonnaRomina

    Thank you so much Eli :$

    I love your outfit *-*

  • Miss Woody

    lovely shoes !

  • Mindey

    Cool photos! Love your outfit.

  • david

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  • Sarah Yvonne

    I love this outfit! I'm going to be putting on something just like it in a moment (it's my day off)!

    As always, thanks for the comments Eli πŸ™‚

    Sarah Yvonne

  • TheStreetFashion5xpro

    fabulous outfit

  • Missy

    i love this laid back style!

    High street + Couture =