The real deal


This is me – the real me, most of the real me. I have a bit of blush on, some mascara to not look dead. But for the most part I have no make up on. And I’ve gotten my skin right now to the point where I am comfortable enough to do this most of the time…shockingly enough it was a long and arduous road here. And I’ll knock on wood for those of you who can relate and have had skin problems throughout your life.

And it all started with this…

Innocent enough, a photo of me at Halloween. Dressed as Axl Rose. How did it start my problems you may ask? What you see on my head is an old wig I wore a few years ago for my Alice in Wonderland costume. The wig has just been around in my things and I wore it for this night with the bandanna tightly around my forehead. It was dirty, it made me really itchy, not to mention sweaty but I wore it.  And ever so slowly after that night the pimples started showing up on my forehead. Like, a nightmare of pimples. More pimples that I have seen in like years (since starting college and leaving teenagehood behind). It was so embarrassing but luckily I could hide behind my bangs. Which did not help the problem really. I was at a wits end about what to do because what I had been doing to this point had not been working.

Upon a recommendation from a blog I tried a pretty harsh Retinol based face cream from Philosophy that nearly burned my skin off after a few uses. It left me with these odd whip marks on my face even though I was using sunblock like it says to. I believe it was just too strong for me and at my age and have since given the tube to my mom. Then upon another tip from another blog I tried and turned to Jojoba oil. You can find yourself some more facts HERE. And for the first time in my life I am starting to understand the huge importance of establishing a routine with your skin. At the same time on an unrelated note I was given a chance to try out this website Beautyfix, which sends you products catered to your skin type, hair type, makeup etc…and lets you compare and contrast with what other users have said. I was expecting to get sample sizes but was sent full sizes so that was pretty cool. Some of the products were okay, but one product (a cucumber based moisturizer) has now joined my regimen of nightly routine.

At night when I go to bed I wash my face, put on  a layer of Jojoba oil (the same brand pictured in the link), and then a layer of the moisturizer. In the morning when I wake up I wash my face again, put on more Jojoba oil, my Aveeno sunscreen, and makeup depending on what is going on for the day. I had real troubled skin as a teenager, and was never really taught a routine other than just wash your face with water and maybe soap. So as a grew up it was always kind of trying things here and there but never really sticking to anything. Now I really believe that the combination of the Jojoba oil and sunscreen daily has changed my skin to its best possible natural condition. The best part is that the oil can be used in your hair, cuticles, hands, dry skin in general. This stuff is magic, and all you need are a few drops. I just walked into Whole Foods and bought the little bottle, then loved it so much I bought the big bottle. I wish I could be one of those people who puts no work into their skin, falls asleep with makeup and never worries. But I’m not, and I’m not getting younger – if I (we all) don’t start taking care of our skin now, you can’t turn back the clock without doing major work in the long run.


Oh yeah…I finally also learned to give myself milkmaid braids :)

I’ve also heard lots of good things about Rosehip oil…but have never seen the stuff in person. Anyone else have some secret magical skin secrets?! What works for you?