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I kind of fell into the soccer fever…but only a little bit. I refuse to get up early to watch the games. But my boyfriend is the opposite, he lives and breathes soccer/futbol. So I decided to participate in the joy last week when Mexico played Argentina, and be patriotic to our parents’ home country to a bbq. This is why I’m wearing green, white, and red – like a walking flag. Yes it is a little cheesy, oh well.

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Dress: Asos from Buffalo Exchange. Wedges: H&m divided.

On my last trip to California I caught my sister with these wedges in black and I went to check them out myself only to find them in green. I haven’t bought anything in quite some time so I allowed myself this treat! They are the perfect summer wedges. I wish I could have them in every color…and they’re under $20 so that’s nice too.

I find myself wearing dresses more often, and it’s twofold – it’s hot, anything pant related is out the window. Two, I have finally jumped on the Mad Men wagon. I’m just finishing up season one and the girls are so prim that I’m loving the dressed up look again.

  • Katie

    I didnt know you were Mexican?! You are so fair!

  • La Fille D'or

    Perfect outfit! Are you loving Mad Men? Also are those shoes comfy? They are so cute!

  • Maxxy

    I have those wedges in black! love them too. So cute

  • Jane

    I like your new header! I was watching that soccer game, it was intense!

  • Lisa

    Adorable dress and I love the shoes!

  • Vintage Mavens

    I absolutely love this dress. I love the collar along the back – super cute, like you πŸ™‚

  • Fashion Tidbits

    love those h&m wedges!!!

  • Jenni

    Those wedges are perfect. Such a great color. I love your dress, too! I'm really glad you're watching “Mad Men”. I feel like everyone should watch it, it's so amazing. I'm trying to rewatch the previous 3 seasons before season 4 starts!

  • my republic of fashion

    Cute dress, adore those wedges.SarahD:)

  • InnyVinny

    I stumbled into liking football a whole lot more than I used to because of the World Cup. Dudeguy is WAY into it. WAY.INTO.IT.

    You look more cute than cheezy, says this observer. =D

  • Eli

    Loving Mad Men, just finished watching season 1. Hopefully I can get my hands on season 2 by wednesday when I go back to work!

    Wedges are comfy but sometimes my feet slide forward because its just fabric…those rubbery foot pads solved that quickly.

    And yes, my parents were born and raised in Mexico. I may not appear it but am πŸ™‚

  • Lex

    I really like how this collar extends all the way to the back. It looks adorable.

  • Eli

    Loving Mad Men, just finished watching season 1. Hopefully I can get my hands on season 2 by wednesday when I go back to work!

    Wedges are comfy but sometimes my feet slide forward because its just fabric…those rubbery foot pads solved that quickly.

    And yes, my parents were born and raised in Mexico. I may not appear it but am πŸ™‚

  • Eli

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  • Rad in BK

    Beautiful shoes and great dress. What a creative way to support the team without looking to flag-like.

  • nookie

    everybody these days has socces fever, but I still can't stand it:(
    love your dress, and the wedges too!
    the green shade is perfect:)

  • Danielle

    Love this outfit again. so cute!

  • Francescaβ™₯

    i dont normally rate divided shoes but that jade colour is simply gorge! looks great on you! β™₯


  • Leonie

    So jealous of the wedges! I adore them!


  • emily

    i love the red stripes and the shoes are gorgeous!! the color is so pretty.

  • Marissa

    Love your outfit girlie!

  • Brittany

    My H&m doesn't have these wedges anymore…sad face

  • Vintage lady

    Oh no I think I'm having problems leaving comments!

  • shoeless simone

    Darling dress! It doesn't look patriotic in a strange way at all

    -Shoeless Simone

  • Eli

    Yesssssssss for some reason blogger is being super funky since yesterday about comments! so annoying, sorry for any confusion

  • FashionJazz

    Love your dress and wedges together! : ) Have a awesome day xxx

  • Kara

    so cute!! i am loving me those wedges from H&M!! must have! πŸ™‚


  • Allegra

    damn! I love this shoes!

  • Sarah

    this is such a cute dress! and i love how you mismatched with the green shoes

    enter my giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse if you like sweetie! xxx

  • Mara

    I think you look awesome! I love that dress and how you're showing your pride! Can't wait to read more of your blog πŸ™‚

  • Eli

    thank you for all the kind words πŸ™‚

  • Natalie

    The Asos dress is so cute! Nice find. I like how you wore it with your green shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everyone else! gonna have to head off to h&m to get those wedges!

  • J.

    I love your wedges!!

  • Phoebe Rose

    Those wedges are great, such a fab colour! Love the whole outfit πŸ™‚


  • Imelda

    I love those shoes, the color is great! And the combination with that dress is lovely!

  • Megan

    Im going to try to make outfit like this, thanks for the inspiration

  • Greer

    oh gosh you look lovely dearie. x

  • LyddieGal

    For under $20 those wedges are a steal! Love them!!
    and the dress as well, I don't think you look cheesy at all!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Cristina

    Cool shoes. I'd buy them in black, but I like them.


  • Laura

    I like the shoes not so high, they're perfect for people like me, that I get my feets sore so easily

    – Laura

  • Raez

    gorgeous! love the colour combination, and the shoes!

    xx raez

  • Jen

    this dress is fantastic on you and yay for being patriotic! πŸ™‚
    i have those shoes as well but in black. aren't they fabulous? the price was the best part about them!

  • Eli

    thank you for all the sweet words again, thank you!

  • Eli

    yes Jen, great price and great style together are awesome…just spreading the love, I think everyone needs to get a pair!

  • Stacy
  • wishwishwish

    that is a great outfit – love the dress, and the colour of the shoes is perfect! x

  • E

    I love that bright shoes! They're so cute with this dress!

  • Eyeliah

    48 comments? wow girl!! I've watched only two games, today it was Holland losing and before England losing. πŸ™ Glad it's over now to get back to summer! πŸ™‚

  • laura schΓΌtte β™₯

    not cheesy at all! i would definetly do soemthing like that haha. thats a faboulous dress, and those shoes are a GREAT colour! very nice outfit πŸ™‚


  • Frederik Sisa

    I'm not sure I can add anything innovative to the comments posted so far, but in any case I also really like this ensemble. Fun, playful, summery, with a carefree touch of retro, dynamic straps on the wedges…and a winning colour combination. Although I'm not personally into greens and the likes, I have to say the contrast between the wedges and the dress really makes your ensemble pop out. Lovely! πŸ™‚

  • Christina Caradona

    I almost bought those shoes! I wanted them in black, but they didn't have my size.
    you look fab

  • Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion)

    This dress looks so cute on you! I love how you paired it with an unexpected color: turquoise! love it.


  • J.

    I love the shoes!