Prairie Woman

I spent the greater part of the summer pretending I was a sailor, this last half of the summer I’ve been so mixed up about how I dress and partially sick of everything in my closet. I’m on a fairly strict self imposed shopping ban so my only outlet right now is remixing the heck out of my clothes.

This outfit came about somewhat unintentionally – I’ve recently moved into another (much better than before) home and I’m rediscovering clothes I haven’t worn in ages. The last time I wore this skirt, I actually wore it as a dress, but for some reason I can now appreciate its awkward long length. When I had first seen it in stores a long time ago, I had let it sit until the sales came by. Then it was magically gone everywhere, until I found it in a thrift store – it was like magic. The blue and white are much like fancy china, and reminded me of the Rodarte runway mixing faux bois textures with this blue/white porcelain. My take on it runs a little bit country.

I’m pretty sure I need at least two more denim shirts in my life right now

012 copy

011 copy

004 copy

Top: Vintage from Rose Bowl. Skirt: Gap thrifted. Watch: Marc Jacobs from Fossil outlet. Boots: Target.

009 copy

001 copy

The photos are unfortunately more grainy than I ever like them to be – I was shooting with the wrong ISO that was left from the previous time I had used the camera. Sorry about the quality.

What I find funny is that for the longest time I never parted my hair down the middle. As in never ever – I always had it up in a ponytail or with a side part. Didn’t matter which side as long as it was not down the middle. All because of my irrational fear of looking like I belonged on the set of Little House on the Prairie. Thankfully, most of my freckles have disappeared and no longer have to worry about this. How silly of me.

Maybe country will be my look for fall? I blame the cowboy boots! Do you feel yourself swaying towards one look?!