Summer Madness

I’m pretty excited and glad that the summer is over – it’s still hot in Vegas of course, but it doesn’t have that same burning bite that it did before. I can live with that, just not the scorching part. Instead of outfit photos this week I mad a little video :)

Top: Urban Outfitters burnout tee. Denim: Fornarina: Boots: Target

I’m in love with my new boots from Target, they’re much lower than a cowboy boot normally is. But they’re super comfy – I’ve pretty much worn them all week now with every single outfit. My new go to shoe.

You also catch a glimpse of me doing a craft I had to organize at work – we made a poor-mans version of an insect shadow box. You can find high quality scans of butterflies or other insects online, print in color, cut, paste. We got some cheapy $1 frames at the dollar store and voila! They almost look real at times, it’s pretty cool.

In homage to the summer, the song playing is Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang – you might want to turn it down before you listen to it cause there are some quite screechy parts (if you’ve never heard this classic song before).

Are you glad the summer is over?