Back to School

I’ll start off by saying how I’m kind of amused how my last post veered off into talking about how I played with the idea of dressing “country.” Now I find myself here writing about this sporty look for this post. I’m just going to have to accept that I like many different things and I cannot commit to one look-

I’ve moved homes in the last month, and seeing everything together once again made me realize that I have way too much and purged my closet in two ways. One batch I took to Buffalo Exchange, I traded for cash and credit and found the awesome shoes I’m wearing in today’s post (it was the only thing I used with the credit, I took the cash and bought essential moving items I needed. I didn’t want to indulge too much and continue the cycle). I’ve also made a whole other pile that I shall be selling on ebay in the near future – of course I’ll let you all know about that when the time comes.

I took a trip to my nearest Sephora, which for me happens to be inside a casino. When you live in Vegas, it’s just one of the many (in)conveniences. ¬†They did not have the product I was looking for at all, but on my way out I took a quick stop in the H&m there that only carries their Divided section. The only thing that caught my attention was this light-weight letterman jacket. I didn’t get it, I’m pretty good at saying no now. But if I cannot find a nicer, better color, and less expensive one in a month or two I might go back and get it if it’s still there. It went perfectly with the sportiness of the shoes. Not to mention my “dressy” sweatpants.

020 copy

As for my regular outfit of the day – I pulled this top out of oblivion aka bottom of the drawer. It resurfaced in the midst of moving. It is a little more cropped that I normally like wearing any blouses and tops, but I went with it anyway. These new sweatpants you’ve been seeing popping up everywhere are comfort heaven. I wish I could get away with wearing them at work.

027 copy

029 copy

The top has this delicate tribal, almost Moroccan print that I really like about it.
033 copy

Top: Vintage from flea market. Sweat pants: Forever 21. Boots: Paul Green Munchen from Buffalo Exchange.

A funny shot but with more detail and a view of the back too.
008 copy

A close up of the boots
004 copy

I guess what really attracted me to these shoes was the very slight resemblance to the athletic boots Marc Jacobs had put out many moons and seasons ago. I’ll take what I can get!

Overall I got rid of two giant trash bags of clothes and got a little cash in my pocket and these great shoes – I’m a happy girl.

Thank you everyone for all the great Netflix suggestions too! I now have enough movies and documentaries to last me through all of next year :)