Linked Up! Halloween edition

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Happy Halloween ghouls and boys! Here are a few screen shots from my favorite vintage thriller Suspiria!
If you like horror movies, and you haven’t seen this classic yet, you dont know what you’re missing! This was the last movie filmed in technicolor, and director Dario Argento has so many scream worthy movies that you’ll love if you’re into the horror genre like me! I watched it streaming on my Netflix app for iPhone in bed the first night we got Netflix!

These links don’t really have much or anything to do with halloween, but for your enjoyment!

Sam, from one of my favorite Euro blogs has been backed up with her posts so she decided to post twenty outfits in one blog post! Nothing short of amazing, grueling and beautiful!

Would you get an Alexander McQueen tattoo?

Carrie from Wish Wish Wish has some adorable home furnishing tips, modern vintage cute

Can I go ahead and move into Vanessa Traina’s apartment now? I’ll take the stuffed zebra and all.

Vice magazine which is known for their hilarious Do’s and Dont’s, report on an actual movement in African fashion, and it’s really good.

Dark version of Brook & Lyn’s surrounded collection? absolutely stunning.

Cali Vintage shares some photos of the new collection of Peter Jensen for Urban Outfitters, it’s pretty awesome. Hopefully not too expensive.

I’m not shopping right now but I’m going to save up to buy one of these Ban Do hair thingies, so pretty!

I’m in love with the color palette of this outfit, well the whole outfit in general!

Nicolette Mason writes about not compromising your style, but most importantly your integrity as a human being amidst the whole controversy of the Marie Claire article that blatantly bashed overweight actors and characters, basically all overweight people.

Read this article about fortune telling if just for the video alone! visually stunning.

Garance and her It girls are just beautiful. I’ve seen a few people on twitter going as Tavi for halloween but maybe someone should be Garance and Scott!

It’s just a short list this week, hope you enjoy the links like I did. Do you do halloween? If so are you dressing up? At work I was Rosie the Riveter and I’m going to be Frida Kahlo for Halloween itself. Photos to come soon.

Hope you’re finishing up a great week!

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