Linked up! October Week 2

This linked up will be a hodgepodge of elements from the past two weeks cause I ran out of time to post the last linked up. So many goodies to share!

Need a little inspiration or guidance on how to make your side braid? Here is a video tutorial that shows how easy is is.

We’ve been eyeing and buying the knitted headwear for a year now, and now that it’s cold again we see it on a comeback. But what I’m really excited about is a scarf tied into a bow? Yes!

You might have seen this already, but I found this tutorial by the fabulous Glamourai on how to “antique” your new jewelry.

I’m not a big fan of Tilda Swinton, but seeing this scenes from her movie and the inspirations kind of makes me very intrigued.

Pink is everywhere – Clever Nettle shows us her pink findings, so cute but not in a overly girly way.

Why can’t the US have some of the amazing stores and brands they have in Australia? Fashion Hayley shows us what we cant have :(

A new style blog I’ve had my eye on, the best part is that she’s a real beautiful woman!

This is not anything fashion related per-se, this website is usually NSFW too, but I think this sends out a great message to some.

Another one of those great Wardrobe Remix finds! What an amazing outfit.

I kind of want this dress really bad! Maybe I should just make one?…

My obession with Say Yes to the Dress has leaked over into my blogs, I’m obsessed with weddings blogs now and all their amazing craft and photography ideas. This wedding is absolutely beautiful. To boot, check out this super stylish bridesmaids. Simple wedding chic.

Which leads me to one more wedding where the bride had some awesome floral ideas

That finally leads me to the photo at the top, and it coincidentally ties in. I’ve been researching how to make paper flowers for work, mostly through our favorite craftess Martha Stewart of course. I then came across this paper goddess Eloise Corr Danch. I looked through her website in awe. Can I become her apprentice already? I just want to fill my house with paper flowers now.

Hoping you had yourself a great week. My weekend will be full of homework :)

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