Longest week Ever!

Don’t know if any of you can feel my pain, I know things could be much worse, and am thankful how things are but geez did I have a super busy week with finishing up assignments, finding a Halloween costume, making my way to San Francisco, insurance claims, work, errands, etc! As I write this I’m in the midst of doing five loads of laundry that have been put off for almost two months. I know it’s a problem when my coworkers start telling me how fancy I’m dressing up to work (ie because my normal work-wear is in the laundry!!)

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Diana, behind the scenes Thrift Eye¬†sister extraordinaire, has been finding me the most amazing things to wear at the best prices ever. Case in point this Alexander Wang T tee. My only qualm is that it’s a little too see through, but Diana got a hunter green one that looks so awesome. My hair is getting super long and I was extremely close to getting a few inches chopped off because my ends were getting really bad. I’ve been raving about it on my Twitter, but the Moroccan Oil I bought has been my saving grace. I suggest you guys to invest in some.

Inspiration for this outfit? Let’s say the 90’s!
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Top: Alexander Wang T via Diana from swap meet. Skirt: Forever 21 gift from friend. Socks: Target. Boots: Vintage from thrift store.

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I’ve had my share of freakouts, venting, and reality checks this week.

My trip to San Francisco was absolutely beautiful. I was worried because the forecast had rain all weekend but we experienced none, just a beautiful weekend. My costume was Friday Kahlo, I was very happy with it! I only had to purchase my skirt at the thrift store, everything else was from my closet!


We had a nice little afternoon on Haight shopping


I’m not going to let all these overwhelming things get to me anymore. I get a little vacation time soon for thanksgiving, my sister in law is having a baby in this month, and nearing end of this school semester – so many things to look forward to. What are you looking forward to?