How do you feel about overalls? Do you still associate them with 3 year olds and OshKoshBgosh?

I’ve had these overalls for quite some time, the funny part is that they are also carpenter pants (yes, bringing that back too). I was extremely close to chopping off the top part that made these overalls in the first place. Now I’m glad I didn’t. You’ll see from the first photo that the back part is not denim, but a piece of elastic. I need to replace this soon with fabric because it’s just getting looser and looser, thus the front begins to fall. I’m not trying to totally go back to the 90’s with one overall strap loose.

Thrift Eye

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Top: Made by mom. Overalls: Fornarina. Boots: Target

There’s just two photos today, sorry everyone. But I’m not one of those bloggers that bombards you with paparazzi photos anyway.

This photo is in my parents backyard – which after all the rain they’ve had in SoCal, looks like a little oasis. I really liked this flowering bush/plant. It matched my shirt.

Be honest, will you ever wear overalls as an adult again?