Sin City

Vegas is a strange animal that I constantly get asked about when people find out “YOU LIVE IN LAS VEGAS?!” Yes, people live here and we all don’t work at a casino, surprise! If you ever have any questions about LV, feel free to ask me and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. Don’t forget that I wrote a Las Vegas Shopping Guide a while ago too.

I’m pretty excited about using a new lens because I’ve been stuck with a 50mm portrait lens that really limited me in taking photos because I had to be very far away from the camera to be able to get a full length shot. No more extreme closeups! I just still need to figure out the aperture so that the photos don’t come out so grainy.

003 copy

001 copy

Top: big shirt made by my mom. Sweater under: Prada from swap meet (was a big ole’ $5!!). Pants and beanie: H&m. Flats: Ferragamo vintage from ebay.

Found this random cashmere sweater at a swapmeet in California a while back, it was in a huge pile that these people were selling. It’s the only thing that matches these flats I just got on ebay. They were a fluke, they were red in the picture but when I got them they were burgundy. That’s what I get for being trigger happy and not fully reading the description. One day I’ll have red flats again.

This top my mom made was from this really cool tree graphic print fabric we also got at the swapmeet for $1 a yard, this is what resulted. It’s pretty cool to make your own clothes, probably the cheapest thing you could ever do for yourself!

Also, after seeing this post at Our City Lights, I became obsessed with this bokeh feature you can do with your lens. I tried to make one out of paper. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to do it without spending the $$$!

018 copy

What do you guys normally use for taking photos?