The fat and skinny of it: or stop obsessing over Crystal Renn

I’ll begin backwards with this – I’m half way through reading Hungry by Crystal Renn. Her personal account of struggling to keep her body unnaturally thin just to be a model, and how the people in the industry only wanted her to be thinner even though she was sick and miserable. That was until she had an epiphany and let her body change back to its desired size and she pursued plus size modeling, even though she was told she could never break through into the editorial side that way. Which we already know she did.
I have a few more chapters to go before I finish the book. So I decided to do a Google search of Crystal Renn photos I have never come across before. There were photos of covers she has done, editorials with Elle Canada, the racy Paris Vogue features, the infamous curvy US Vogue shoot, the V mag one size fits all editorial, among several other works she had done.
And this is where the problem began. Several of the websites began to focus on how she appeared very thin in the Fashion for Passion photo. Which was later shown to be photoshopped. But then she did the runway for Chanel, and then did the look book for Zac Posen. And every single time people griped about how thin she looked. It was never anything positive. She was nowhere near as thin as her early modeling days, but no longer appeared to be the ultra curvy size 12. Perhaps more of a size 8 or 10. And then they probably photoshop her even more to a smaller size.
I tried to see if perhaps Crystal herself had something to say about it all, and came across her Facebook. But it seems to be run by her agent of press people. One particular post really threw me off guard
And already there you can see the bad comments begin, it is only the tip of the iceberg.
So apparently because she lost weight she’s a hypocrite. Because you can’t love yourself if you lose weight.
Hmmm…losing a fan over losing a pound? Why why why?!
And mind you, this Crystal Renn’s FAN page, not like a I hate Crystal Renn page. Yet all the comments were vitriolic, bitter, snarky, etc… There were about two that hinted positive, but when an overwhelming sentiment here was that basically she looked better when she sympathized herself as fat, these women now no longer respected her. I really feel that they are antagonizing her as much as if she were back to a size zero.
But show me a woman that stays the exact same weight in her adulthood. We all change to some degree. It makes me so sad that there would be so much backlash over one model losing weight to the point of being condemned not beautiful anymore. It is really unfair to say that, because beauty comes in all sizes. And unless you know exactly the circumstances of her losing weight or what she really looks like in person, I don think anyone has any right to say anything about Crystal Renn. This is the exact reason that about two years ago I stopped looking at gossip blogs cold turkey. There was always just way too much negativity, and I decided I did not need to know what celebrities and pseudo celebrities were doing. Because these people and sadly most of the readers are the same people who are complaining when someone like Christina Aguilera puts weight on.
Can we not be happy for someone aside from weight gain or weight loss? The subject is very long winded, but must be spoken about. As someone who puts herself out there once a week with every post, I find myself worry about being scrutinized for not being like other bloggers, and some times for not being thin enough. For one, I’m a few years away from being 30 – especially when some bloggers are not even 20, I must remember to not compare. I’m happy at my weight now, I weigh 150 pounds (the cat is out of the bag) for my 5’8 height. I’ve weighed less before, but also more.
Two years ago, I was living in Vegas and eating out all the time and not really conscious of my body. It wasn’t until every single pair of my pants gave me muffin tops that I knew I had to change (if you go back in time of this blog, I was wearing a lot of dresses and leggings). I joined the gym and got back down to a size a little smaller than now, but to make a long story short I decided in August to stop going to the gym to give myself a break and decided to not go back. And you know what, I’m okay with that now. I have a little belly some times, my thighs are ample, and I’m okay with that.
I wonder what the women who had all those negative comments would feel like if they had to be put in a situation where they were scrutinized for their weight or looks. Because honestly, it’s not so nice when the tables are turned. We have the power to change, and instead we are going backwards. How do you ladies feel about it? Or any males chime in too if you like. I don’t have the knowledge to figure out on my own (I’ll leave that to the studies and experts) if the negativity comes from these women feeling like they had a comrade in their weight wars and now feeling betrayed?
I’ll be done reading the book probably by tomorrow, and behind me a little bitterness that the world around me refuses to change. But I won’t add to it. You can be beautiful no matter what, as long at it works for you – be it fatshionable, short, average, whatever! As long as you aren’t beating up your body to make it look that way. I’m afraid that the general sentiment like what I mentioned will prevent more Crystal Renn’s from breaking through the world of fashion that so dearly needs it.