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Right now my life consists of eating, sleeping, and dreaming books. I work at two different types of libraries, and am getting my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. And because I love to torture myself, I consistently go to my public library. You can’t get more Lisa Simpson than me.

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After having what seemed to be the brink of Spring, we are back to cold and rain in San Francisco (we even had a snow warning! but none came). I’ve been wrapped up in vests, I feel like I never realized nor maximized their potential (in outfits and warmth). I got this one a while back on sale at the Gap when they had an extra 50% off their sale items. It reminds me of one I saw at Zara a while back that I liked.

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Top: Gap longsleeve, Christmas present. Vest: extra extra sale at the Gap. Belt: Jcrew from Buffalo Exchange. Denim: Cheap Monday from Urban Outfitters. Boots: Paul Green from Buffalo Exchange.

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Do you visit your public library? If you have kids do you take them to the library? I really feel that people do not take advantage of everything their libraries have to offer. Perhaps you are traumatized or have an idea of what libraries are like. I can tell you it most likely isn’t what you think it will be – every library I’ve gone to carries all kinds of new books (fiction and non fiction [hello awesome coffee table and fashion books]), brand new and popular music, and all kinds of films (new releases, indie, foreign). You really have no excuse. Unless your excuse is that you don’t like free things.

Are you currently reading any books? I’m reading the Giver by Lois Lowry and the Biba Experience as well as a big stack of books I’m waiting to look at. I think I will be sharing scans or photos of more books. A lot of cool book tracking and recommendation websites have been popping up to keep track of what you are reading or have read, or to find new books to read – like Library Thing or Goodreads.

Every time someone says they don’t like books or they don’t read, an angel loses its wings.