A Letter Home: what do you do when you feel home sick?

I’ll be brutally honest with you guys in this post.
I’m homesick, bad.
For almost ten years I have been on the road from home – going to college right after high school (I had just turned 18 a month before), then moving immediately to Las Vegas right after college. Now I find myself here in San Francisco asking myself where the time went (May is just around the corner!) and this passing Easter made me so nostalgic for home. To top it off, I feel like I’ve been hit with a double homesickness. I miss my family back home and my comforts of Las Vegas.
It almost makes me wonder if it was worth it to be moving around so much and further away from my family each time? (it has, but at what price?). Each time I creeped away a little more far away. College was only an hour away from home, Las Vegas was only a 3 hour drive, San Francisco is now 7 hours away by car. and that is f a r. The farthest I’ve been from home, I’m living through the longest time I’ve gone without seeing my family. I miss them, it makes me sad. The solution here would be to move or much closer to home right? I kind of feel like this would defeat the purpose of my life – I don’t ever intend on moving back and being a small city girl. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. How do I get over being home sick without actually moving home?
So far here are some of my solutions
1. iChatPhoto on 2011-02-23 at 16.39
(here I only caught my side of the chat)
Diana got a Macbook not that long ago, and borrowing my boyfriend’s iMac when he isn’t doing work has sufficed at the moment. The plus is that we get to see each other (!) and I get to see my parents too. The only downside is that it’s rather grainy at times. I think we are going to have to upgrade to Skype from now on (can anyone confirm or deny that the quality is much better than iChat).
2. Frequent phone calls
(iPhone screenshot, Casa = home, ignore that it says mobile, it saved it that way for some reason instead of a landline)
I normally hate (with a passion speaking on the phone) unless it is with my mom. We can talk for hours. Yet again another downside is that unless I’m doing this after 9pm, I have to be careful of my cell phone minutes.
3. Flying/driving
Thrift Eye
Thrift Eye
(at the airport, GPOY in the mirror)
While I would love to fly or drive to Southern California all the time. It really adds up after a while, when it was from Las Vegas, it wasn’t all that awful. Three hours driving went by pretty fast. But seven hours driving? And flying is just expensive to do it over and over again.To top it off juggling two jobs has left me with no days off whatsoever, at least not until summer vacation.
So I’m asking you out there…how do you combat the homesick blues? Can you give me tips or suggestions that have helped you through a similar situation? I haven’t always felt like this – it comes and goes at times, I can’t figure out why it’s hitting me hard this week. I stop and think about how my parents are getting older, how my nieces and nephews are growing up, and I get to see them less and less…I know that I’m not the first person to deal with being away from home. I’ve just never been this far away from home.
The only other solution that I can think of is to bring all my family to me…I’m still working on this!