And away we go!

Oh hi! This little thing? Oh, this is Minnie – the new family pet (not mine).
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Right now I’m working 7 days a week (yes. every. single. day.) And I was able to have a couple of glorious days off that I was so thankful for that I hightailed it to visit my family in LA. Only to meet this little pup that my sister Diana adopted. Her name is Minnie and she’s an interesting mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua? She’s absolutely tiny, enough so that they first made a sweater for her by cutting a tube sock in half until we found her proper “dog clothes.” It’s pretty funny because as children we were never allowed to have pets, especially dogs! Now they have a dog, and the cat that all that neighbors adopted but refuses to leave their house, Bonnie.
This is what you call envy
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We found Minnie a sweater with a Minnie on it! I swear you can find anything at the swapmeet.
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Bonnie has been having some real big jealousy issues since the dog arrived.
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I was able to go to one of my favorite places, the Santa Anita Racetrack – I don’t gamble but love looking at the horses instead. What a beautiful species.
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Animals really are becoming a trend on this blog…
The Santa Anita Racetrack also has some great horse themed Art Deco styles going on, it always looked like Emerald City to me as a child.
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Jockey’s are tiny!
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If you don’t mind being around old dudes chain smoking, yelling, sulking, drinking (I don’t recommend going alone!) you’ll get to experience this interesting and energetic place.
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When Peter of Tpost Magazine approached me with their magazine tshirt concept I was very intrigued.Each shirt has a graphic but also has a magazine style editorial on the back for you to read! A subscription brings you a new shirt every five weeks.
He sent me over this Tshirt, thank you Peter!
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I also wanted to share this outfit with you – if you follow any other blogs from SF, we had two weeks of almost non-stop rain. I had dressed up one night to meet up with a friend to only find myself facing a ride on the bus in a crazy rain storm. So I ended up dressed up, only to stay home at watch some TV ha.
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Top: Fornarina Belle de Jour bodysuit. Shorts: Dockers from Buffalo Exchange. Belt: Vintage. Tights: no name tights. Boots: Fornarina.
You might have seen my wear this bodysuit on here before a while back, it has a surprise in the back (hence why I don’t wear that much) but it’s nice some times.
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I’m very glad to be a California girl again :)