Be Like Boy

This week I was able to get a little time off from one of my jobs for “spring break.” I got to do some of my favorite things – sleep in and eat breakfast at a restaurant. Both of which I haven’t been able to do since about January. So Becca, my friend Marissa and I met up at tried and true eatery, Tartine. A must have if you ever make your way down to the Mission area of San Francisco.
Thrift Eye
Tartine - The Mission
Great coffee and all things pastry. I am in love with breakfast restaurants, so if you have any other recommendations for similar places in San Francisco please let me know! (other favorites include La Boulange, St. Francis, and Boogaloos).
Thrift Eye
The rest of the morning was spent wandering around the Mission and even a small part of the Castro doing some vintage clothes, retro furniture, and interesting store browsing…in the rain. That part was not very fun.
At Mission Thrift, one of the better vintage stores
Thrift Eye
A simple entry way with an interesting color combination
Thrift Eye
No pun intended but I really loved this street artwork piece.
Thrift Eye
The Mission High School next to the California Mission Dolores
Thrift Eye
How you know you’re in the Castro :)
Thrift Eye
As far as the title of this post…I’ve been having a sort of confusion with my wardrobe lately. I just felt like I wanted to throw away everything in it and I couldn’t put my finger on it. But I think I’ve finally figured it out.
I cannot fully stomach dressing only like a girl. Girly type clothing just does not interest me right now. Then I found this blog, Tomboy Style, and it all made sense.
I’ll be revisiting my more feminine clothes here and there, but I like feeling like a twenty something Tomboy right now :)
041 copy
Top: the Gap. Pants: Zara. Boots: Vintage from Buffalo Exchange.
045 copy

How do you define your style but not lose yourself? Some people are very consistent in their looks, I might just be everywhere.