What are you reading?

I had already made my confession that I’m around books all day every day. Here are some things I was currently reading and checking out. (and really, just some because there are about three times as more that I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of).
This book on artist Charley Harper was my favorite finds.
Because I’m also around a lot of children’s books, this really left an impression on me. It reminds me of all the vintage nonfiction science books I find some times.
I could not believe I hadn’t heard about him before. All the illustrations were so unique and beautiful.
Next was good ole American Vogue
My favorite features were on the awesome Olsen twins. And the Clarins sisters which really have  been making their rounds lately. I think they have such eclectic and amazing style.
Then I found this slightly older, but interesting book my Isaac Mizrahi that read like an issue of Glamour Mag.
with tips on how to dress for any occassion. Addressing all women of different ages and sizes.
And last was the Biba Experience
On the Got too big for their own good UK retailer – their rise and subsequent fall. But the many luxuries that fell in between.
 I think I’m going to take advantage of this nice spot in our back patio for photos from now on
009 copy
Sweater: Alexander Wang. Dress: See by Chloe from Buffalo Exchange. Tights: DKNY. Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo from Ebay.
I also finally got a camera remote!
015 copy
013 copy
I’ve started a garden in pots. You’ll see my geraniums in the photo above. But I’m also growing some by seed. These are my wildflowers and peppers. We get so much on and off rain here some times that I usually don’t have to worry about watering them :)
021 copy

Gosh I never thought I’d have time or patience to do this, but I’m growing stuff!