After 5

It’s absolutely incredible what you can do with your life when school is over and you’re only working 1 job instead of 2! I forgot what real life was like. I dragged myself happily downtown the other day to the Banana Republic After 5 event. I didn’t get any shots inside the store cause I totally forgot I had my camera with me, but the lovely ladies there did, and you can check out more at Jeanne, Elisabeth and Amber’s blogs.

When I got back home, I got to take some outfit shots before the sun went down. It felt nice to dress up a bit, since I’ve been such a home/work body and I felt very casual all the time. This has been one of my only clothes purchases in the last few months. It’s actually a bit shorter than I like, so I might let the hem down a bit. Good thing I had tights and shorts on under because it’s been so windy in SF! Not trying to pull a Marilyn Monroe one bit.
001 copy

002 copy

005 copy
Jacket: the Gap, very old. Vest: Neiman Marcus thrifted. Dress: Zara from ebay. Belt: Moschino from ebay. Shoes: Target, quite old as well.
It was an exciting weekend for me because instead of going to work, I finally have days off! (this may sound weird, but after working 7 day workweeks, having just the weekend off seems like such a luxury. It really makes me appreciate things more). On a tip from Natalie, I headed off to Half Moon Bay to check out the tide pools. You have to go during low tide to make sure you get to see as much as possible. It was very cool! You get to see all kinds of creatures and plant species that normally are hidden under water, exposed during low tide. My only qualm was the strange feeling that you were stepping on shells and animals as you went along, it was inevitable but sad at the same time.
The coned off areas were there because sea lions!
Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Hard to capture when you can’t get close, but there are some sea lions here in the distance. Can you spot them?
Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
It was just stunning
ย Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Sea Urchins
Sea Urchins Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Anemone Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Anemone Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Starfish Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
We even saw a very shy octopus
Octopus tentacle Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Strange bulbous plant
Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
Half Moon Bay - Marine Reserve
This was nowhere near the end of our day and we then headed over to San Mateo to check out the Maker Faire – a large gathering of DIY enthusiasts (electronics, hand made etc..) it was very interesting but had too much of a steampunk touch for my taste. So many interesting things to see.
Maker Faire
Like a life size moustrap!
Maker Faire - Life size mousetrap
Cutest mouse ever
Maker Faire
Maker Faire
heart shaped gears
Maker Faire
Etsy was there
Maker Faire
Maker Faire
Maker Faire
battery powered insects in a soda bottle?!
Maker Faire
This is nowhere near the tip of the iceberg, there were men riding around in cupcakes if you can imagine for a minute what that may look like!

Just another day in my Bay area chronicles.

  • Gaby

    that tide pool place looks like it smells… real bad. lol. in other news, you look amazeballs. you must have the most awesomest wardrobe. all of those pieces are highly covetable!


  • I love everything you're wearing! Even the bright red lipstick! So glad to hear that you're finally getting a breather from school/work.ย 

    I've lived here almost all my life and still haven't been to half moon bay (kinda embarrassing!) I bet it must be so cool to see those sea creatures live… I just showed it to my husband and now he wants to take a day trip there! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  • Dominique B.

    i love the jacket and your leopard print dress!!!


  • Eyeliah

    It's nice to hear you get some more time for yourself now.

  • zarna

    the leopard if fabulous and that bright lip color is beautiful!

  • Fydez

    Very very nice photos. Love them, especially those in the water! Also, I like your outfit! XX

  • Imelda

    You look great! I love your outfit!
    Love the nature pictures, so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful place!

  • InnyVinny

    I love tidepools! ย Amazing pictures, girlie. ย Love the outfit, too. ย =D

  • Becca

    Aren't you sassy in your leopard get up. I don't think it's too short at all. I really love everything you have going on in the outfit. But it's all about you feeling comfortable – so go on and let that hem out! Also, I'm so bummed I missed maker's faire. This looks incredible and kitschy and wonderful! We're so overdue for a night out once you get back from visiting with the fam. Now that you have more free time, I'm the busy bee. But, we'll find a day that works for dinner or something! Let me know your schedule in the next couple of weeks.

  • jamie

    wow, those photos are so captivating <3 you look beautiful as always.. i'm happy to hear you have free time now :) i decided it wasnt smart to take the summer off, my unemployment benefits run out in December so i need to be the responsible adult i am and take advantage of the summer off by taking as many classes as i can :) i love this leopard print on you girl! you are rockin it! i hope all is going well in the wonderful town of SF!

    xo jamie from blogredhead

  • Eli

    The Maker Faire was kind of strange, like a renaissance fair. There were way too many people in crazy steampunk stuff, I didnt like that.

    I doubt your schedule is half as crazy as mine was, we'll find some time!! Also the swap is coming up!

  • Eli

    Thank you! You as well, you never realize how nice it is until you dont have any personal time anymore

  • Eli

    You know whats funny, my sister said the SAME things about the tide pools smelling. But it surprisingly didnt. Maybe because it doesnt spend that much time out of water, the tide eventually comes in. The things spend like 2 or 3 hours at most outside of the water twice a day at both the tides.

  • Eli

    Half moon bay was sooooo close. It's right under Pacifica, it's like 30 mins away at most from the city.

  • It's my first time here on your blog and I really like what am seeing! Am a sucker for animal print so it's a nice post to greet me with ๐Ÿ™‚ From the first photo, I was thinking if the vest and jacket were one piece but seeing the caption, they are separates and now I just got a great idea on how I can layer vests. I live in a tropical country so I don't wanna look like am layering too much but seeing this makes me think it can work. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    I never knew there was a bulbous plant! Quite an experience when it's low tide ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mirror of Fashion

    Gorgeous dress! Love how you styled it with that denim jacket and the leather sleeveless jacket. You look fab! X


    i would LOVE to borrow and wear this entire outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰ well done dvrling!


  • Natalie James

    There are some incredible photos here. ย Hard work always pays off in the end – congrats on your many accomplishments. ย Now, let me talk about that amazing lip color you have on!

  • Fashion Limbo

    Really nice pics, it's amazing what the sea has in terms of nature, it's creatures, the colours…it's almost like an out of space encounter or something of the sort. Loved your leopard print dress and great that you were cautious, I braved it way too far the other day with a flower dress…. let's just say I need to stock up on pettycoats or some sort of undergarments that would make my life easier and less embarrassing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Angela Donava

    J'aime bien ton look sur ces photos!!!
    Angela Donava

  • Giu

    That is such a wonderful place! Stunning indeed! Love the magic of a park near the sea <3333
    I loved your outfit, that belt is fantastic!

  • hivenn

    love these! (the sea life & your belt espp). x hivenn

  • Sara

    OHH!! I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! When I first spotted it in Zara I fell in love with it, and they didn't have it in my size in the three Zara stores in Manhattan I was close to ๐Ÿ™ so I gave up. It looks so nice on you! I love it!

  • Asiancajuns (Cath)

    What a wonderful couple of days! I love all the layering of your outfit and I'm all about the leopard print.

    Did you end up deciding to go with the Ikea couch?

  • Ira Velychko

    i love your dress and i think your orange lips make the dress stand out even more ๐Ÿ™‚ love it

  • Eli

    I feel your pain, My jobs that I worked both are schools and both have (unpaid) summers off, so I'm going to take advantage of this and have the best summer of my life. It helps that I'm going to Mexico for most of August!!!

  • Eli

    I was never really one to use vests. But since I moved to San Francisco, layering is a MUST. It really is cold here almost all the time, it's quite sad. So I've been getting by layering vests over my jackets to keep warm. Maybe you can layer one over a sweater when it does get colder?

  • Eli

    Dont get me started on this lipstick. It took me forever researching the perfect orange, and when I bought this one online, I was sent the wrong color!! But then this one came finally and it was like Magic. It's Revlon Orange Flip 710, try it!!

  • Eli

    hehe I had a pair of shorts on over my panty hose still! I didnt at first when I left the house but saw how windy it was and went back inside to put them on!!

  • Eli


  • Eli

    I did too, I saw it online. Found it on ebay thankfully, it seems as if there are lots of chinese sellers on ebay selling a knockoff version too.

  • Eli

    I think I will get the couch, but they actually come with some awesome silver legs/base instead of the wood legs. Except they seem to be out of stock everywhere. I think I'm going to wait and see? Maybe buy one off craigslist that is gently used and use my money saved to buy a nicer slipcover from Bemz.

  • Eli

    Thank you, it is Revlons Orange Flip lipstick!

  • WendyB

    Great photos! The starfish shot is amazing.

  • Tea_for_two

    Leopard print with a Moschino belt ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderment. And I love the rock pool photographs. Gorgeous colours.

  • lexy

    Eeeek. DEFINITELY sounds like you're enjoying your life. Can't wait until I'M done with school!

    And you look FIERCE. (Get it? Cheetah print = Fierce. Pun. Ha-ha. Okay. Sorry. That sucked.) I LOVE YOUR LIPSTICK. It's so KAPOW. Adddddoreee!

  • faye

    awww you look so lovely in leopard print and im loving the sealife photos too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Victoria Horton

    Love your leopard dress dear. Looks like you had a really awesome weekend xxx

  • claggie

    I love that lipstick! It looks amazing on you! These photos are so fun! Thank you for sharing <3

  • Districtofchic

    What an amazing place you live in! Gosh, the marine life is incredible! And I love the layering of denim, leather and leopard print together – so fierce!

  • Natalie

    So glad you had a chance to stop by and had fun! I love the marine preserve and I agree, it feels a little worrisome stepping on all the plants and things. I love that you can touch everything though. I went with a friend and she kept feeling those sea sponges. They feel so creepy.

  • Lexyht

    Wah, those last pictures are simply BEYOND AWESOME. Seriously. That owl picture thing? Totally tripped me ouuuut. (Seriously. Stared at it for at least five minutes. I think I need to stop studying…)

  • Eli

    Thank you so much for the tip to go to the Marine reserve, definitely worth it. Touching all the things was probably the highlight. Did you touch an anemone? they squirt back at you!

  • Eli

    I think you would have LOVED being at the Maker Faire, delights all around.

  • Angela

    So lovely. You and the scenery!

    Angela @Whatcha Find?

  • Pocahannah

    Really liking this outfit!!ย  Nice score on ebay:-) and thrifted leather vest…double score.


  • Pinklemonincrystal

    leopard is so chic ๐Ÿ™‚