Everyday life

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! We’ve had nothing but rain, fog, and chilly cold here in San Francisco (when does it stop being winter?) and the upcoming forecasts for the summer don’t look that much great either. So when NEET Magazine asked me to come up with some ideas for things to bring along for my dream summer vacation, it wasn’t all that difficult!
It is where I will be going for most of August…..Mexico! I’m so incredibly excited about it. It is where my parents are from, we’ll be staying in the home my dad built for my mom when they got married and before they moved to the US.
Jojoba oil goes with me where ever I go! Moleskin, check! Mini Diana (this may have to wait until after the summer, but I’ll be bringing my Colorsplash with me instead). We won’t be by the beach but we may visit one for the day, and we can go in a river or hot springs instead. Comfy sandals, cute glasses, and pretty dresses is what I’ll be living in during August.
Thank you so much to the folks at NEET for featuring me…check out the whole issue which features a few other bloggers and their worldwide destinations.
There has been a lot of blog events here in SF and it’s so nice to see so many friendly faces. Everyone I meet is so sweet and stylish.
A few snaps of my head before I left the house only because the lighting seemed absolutely perfect.
065 copy
067 copy
This was at the Indeeyo launch party. Where we browsed some amazing bags!
Still annoyed at how the low light kind of ruined lots of my photos though.
088 copy
071 copy
076 copy
Lots of nice gals that I love seeing here in SF! Click on their photos to visit their blogs
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There are tons of more people and photos I didn’t get a chance to capture, head on over to Jeanne and Becca’s blogs to see them. Thank you so much Jeanne for inviting me!
And then just the other night Elisabeth invited us to visit the Vince store downtown for a chance to check out the new Vince merch but also meet a really awesome image consultant, Micki Turner.
013 copy
I spy Kim (check out her post on the nights event too!)
009 copy
A very cute Jeanne, we spent the night obsessing over all the sparkly things!
005 copy
And because I’m still on my tomboy style kick, I really liked how my outfit came out.
021 copy
Jacket: thrifted kids vintage. Top: Vince, gift from sister Pants: Zara. Shoes: YSL heels from Buffalo Exchange.

weather permitting, I’m hoping to dress more like this instead of like it’s still December.