A weekend to remember

I’m going to guess that I had the busiest week just like 99 percent of you. Between running around town, meeting up with friends from out of town, friends from in town, dinners/cooking, organizing my eBay store, taking photos, flea markets, BBQ’s, etc. I don’t know how I would have managed any of this if I wasn’t on summer vacation! And I’m always humbled by the people that can juggle so many different things and responsibilities in their lives, they are the real heroes, especially parents!

I started out the week with a quick trip to LA to see my family that lives there and the bf’s family that was visiting from Las Vegas. I got caught up with other things that I forgot to take photos during the day, I only have these shots of me and the ever elusive sister Diana who hasn’t made an appearance here in a while.
001 copy
I forgot to give her the memo to wear black to this party, which apparently I and ever single other guest did get!
014 copy
010 copy
I can’t for the life of me remember what she is wearing but for me-
Dress: thrifted by mom, Anna Sui. Shoes: YSL from Rose Bowl Flea. Bracelet: vintage gift from family.
Then it was a long drive back to SF. It’s funny because the drive between LA and SF is quite peculiar. If you go one way, it is very scenic with oceans and whatnot, but takes forever. The other way is much shorter but is full of hills, windmills, cows, and cow smells.
My goal this week and weekend was to attempt to look as themed as possible. I started out enticed by this outfit by Santina, I told her I could pretty much copy it, and I think I did pretty good. Although my version was a little more sporty. I wore this to a doctor’s appointment and then to explore the Fillmore area for the first time.
025 copy
Jacket: Lindex from Swapaholics swap! Top: denim shirt from Rose Bowl Flea. Belt: Jcrew belt from Buffalo Exchange SF. Skirt: Anthropologie from Buffalo Exchange Vegas. Shoes: Cooperative from Jeremy’s SF.
I apologize for looking like a deer in headlights in this photo above.
If you ever come to San Francisco, it is worth the make the jaunt over to the Fillmore district in Pacific Heights. It is really close to Japantown and full of really awesome shops. My main goal was to find the Marc by Marc Jacobs store!
Marc Jacobs store in Pac Heights
After a trip to Berkeley with Santina the day before, we thought we had found the amazing striped dress from Marc Jacobs at Buffalo Exchange. Only to realize that it is a knockoff dress, and that there were a bunch of them. I found the real dress at the MJ store! Can’t beat 100% silk. But incredibly over and above any sort of my price range. It was sure nice to try it on. Definitely an investment piece worth looking into if it goes on sale. They do have a tunic and poolside onesie in the same print but more affordable prices that may be worth looking into.
015 copy
The next day I was awed to find out that there would be a Jazz fest in the Fillmore district that goes on every single year! I stayed in my theme again, as you’ll see. I caught a glimpse of how long my hair is looking in the mirror and took a photo. It amazes me how long it’s gotten too!
032 copy
The Jazz Fest was amazing, with lots of different stages set up with music (unlike the Haight street fest which was just food and vendors, too many people, and people blowing smoke in your direction [yes that kind of smoke]). Every corner I got to see a different kind of music performing.
LOTS of people watching the stages for the larger performances
Fillmore Jazz Fest
At the Brooklyn Circus store, they had a DJ set up to also celebrate the 3 year anniversary of their store. People were getting down!
Fillmore Jazz Fest
A more traditional jazz band
Fillmore Jazz Fest
As I left, I ran into these guys marching along in their brass band while they played When the Saints Go Marching In, and having a large troupe following them. It was amazing.
Fillmore Jazz Fest
The walk back led me through Alamo Square, which is always pretty.
Alamo Square
This better remind you of SOMETHING 🙂
My outfit turned out a little more sailor than patriotic though. I did change later on before heading to a BBQ, into something more warm.
093 copy
095 copy
Dress: no name, most likely from China via eBay. Sweater: H&m. Shoes: Target from outdoor swapmeet
Sunday, Santina and I went to the Alameda Flea together. But it was so disgustingly hot, neither of us took photos. She later told me it was 105 there! Needless to say, I got sunburnt again. This is what I got at the flea, the guy gave it to me for only $15 because it was so hot and towards the end of their day, that he didn’t want to take it back home with him. I’m going to swap out the legs for some more attractive, but I’m excited to have this!
 174 copy
This is what I wore, but these photos are post flea, after a shower, and after a change of shoes. Still on the same theme. This what at another friends’ BBQ (so many barbecues!!)
106 copy
113 copy
On head: bandanna from outdoor swapmeet. Sweater: H&m (same as above). Dress: ASOS from Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa. Shoes: Ash from outdoor swapmeet. Bag: LeSportSac birthday present
I’m not going to bore you with an actual Independence Day outfit, I was so pooped from the week, I just wore jeans and a tshirt. We camped out at Alamo Square to watch fireworks
Dusk at Alamo Square
But this is what our view ended up like, ha. Next year, we know better.
not so great view of 4th of July fireworks from Alamo Square

Hope you’re having an amazing week! Shoot me an email or leave me a comment if you have any questions about the eBay items! 🙂

  • Darlene

    Wow! All these pictures make me wanna visit the city again. I absolutely love San Francisco. The weather is not totally scorching during the summertime, and I just love the vibe it has. Although I go to college in LA, if I wanted to find something to do in an urban city, SF would be it. Hands down. Oh home… Anyhoots…I love your dresses here. I think collars are starting to be a weakness of mine. Glad you had a wonderful fourth of July! 🙂


  • Natalie

    Both outfits are awesome — yours and the one on Style by Santina!

  • Caroline Ikeji

    good to find a fellow SF blogger. 🙂 i totally wanted to go to jazzfest, but i had to work. boo hiss. i have spotted that sailor dress and i love it on you! that striped dress is super cute as well!!

    caroline – pictures & words

  • shanice

    great post. i'm loving all of the outfits..

    ♥ shanicexoxo.info

  • hivenn

    I 100000000000000000000% love this post. Looks like you had an amazing time, checkin' out your ebay now. x hivenn

  • InnyVinny

    I can't believe you got those YSLs at the Rose Bowl.  I need to go to the Rose Bowl.


  • Chrystie

    It sounds like you had such a great 4th of July weekend!! I was at the flea market on Sunday too, and practically passed out it was so horribly hot! I didn't realize it was 105, now that makes sense. the credenza you got will look great with the legs switched out, what a great find!

  • Eli

    I have family that lives in LA so I travel back and forth from SF to there. SF is definitely more chill! It's amazing how different it is. And yes, it never seems to get past 80 degrees. Just last night we had fog all over the city and got so cold! Right after some amazing 70 degree weather perfect for the 4th!

  • Eli

    I'm just glad we didn't wear the outfit at the same time, that would have been hilarious

  • Eli

    Oh the fillmore jazz fest was so much fun! I bought myself a bag of kettle corn and walked around by myself enjoying all the music.

    Forever 21 had the dress too, it was a copy of the Catherine Holstein dress.

  • Eli

    I don't think the dude knew at all what he was selling, my sister was definitely mad at me for finding these after she passed over them and didn't see anything. I've also gotten a pair of Marc Jacobs boots there.

  • Dale

    This is such a cute post and I love the pics. I can't believe you got that for only $15. I think it's so cool and retro and it sounds like you had a great time….sorry about the sunburn. I really like that striped dress and the pic that reminds me of Full House is really cool
    Following you now

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  • Nnenna

    Sounds like you had such a fun weekend!  Also, I love your patriotic outfits! The sailor dress is so cute, as well as your red striped one =)  Also, that's an awesome find at the flea market!

  • Eli

    Thank you 🙂 I feel like I could have found more at the flea if it hadnt been so freakin hot! You could feel the heat emanating from all the things there, you couldn't even touch most jewelry because it was baking in the sun and was scorching hot to touch!

  • Angie

    AWWWWW!  I love all your weekend outfits!  You guys were just a block away from me while you were at the Jazz Fest.  Let me know next time you are in the area and we can grab a coffee!  So glad you had fun in the hood.




  • Eli

    Oooh! I didn't know you were going too, perhaps we'll have to go together some time!

    If this is the Chrystie I'm thinking about, you should fix your disqus profile so that it links to your blog!! 🙂

  • Eli

    thank you for saying hello!

  • Pinklemonincrystal

    Love all these photos and that striped dress I saw Paris Hilton wearing it in in style 🙂

  • rachel c.

    I'm officially locking you into taking me on a shopping date after I move to SF. Such great finds. Now, I'm off to peruse your eBay auctions!

  • ChicPoint

    Amazing blog!! Love your style! If you have a moment, you can follow mine here: http://chicpoint.blogspot.com/
    We can follow each other if you want! 

  • Lexy

    AH! This post is so fabulous.  I loooove all your looks! Especially that red stripped dress – so nautical and CUTE. I feel like my sister would (not literally) DIE of jealousy if she saw it! AMAZING.

    And you both look really amazing at the event! I loveeee the prints. So summery and perrrty.


  • Eli

    Your sister would probably love it, it's kind of scary how many nautical things I have in my closet too

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