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After musing through Santina’s stay in Mexico and Natalie’s Baja jaunt, I was excited and mentally prepared for this almost month long trip (after not having been back in five years) to the motherland of my parents. We have the luxury of having a home already there, which my dad built himself.
The majority of our time was spent in their hometown of Jalostotitlan – a small bustling town outside of much larger Guadalajara. It is known for its churches, fair skinned people (that surrounding whole area is actually), they have their own Saint (look up Toribio Romo), lively festivals (we caught the summer one), bull fights, pyrotechnic displays, all the other nearby similar towns, and so many other things that I can never finish describing. I would have to take you all there. Live it through my photos!
The transit system over there is basically a series of buses that connect from one city to another much like Greyhound would be. Sometimes you get off in one city, and you transfer to another bus to arrive at your destination- this is what we were doing here to visit my dad’s family that lives in another city.
319 copy
Wearing: Tunic: American Apparel thrifted. Pants: Zara. Shoes: Target from swapmeet.
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Shortly after wearing these shoes, they met their untimely death from too much walking (it was like the 3rd time I wore them too). Straight to the garbage!
Guess who was waiting across from us while we waited for the bus?
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Oh and this won’t be the last you see of animals- animals everywhere!
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274 copy
Lot’s of people riding horses, even kids. All day, everywhere. This boy is costumed as a Roman soldier (the other people were waiting for a procession).
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We even found this tiny guy outside of the church one day
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Speaking of church- much (but not all) of Mexico is very religious, they take their religious festivities very seriously, but also use the time to enjoy themselves and celebrate. The time we were there revolves around celebrating the ascension of Mary into heaven if you want to read more about online somewhere else. So fifteen days in August are dedicated to celebrating that- people take turns carrying her around in processions.
These churches and figures date back hundreds of years, some even brought over from Spain. They carry this figure around all over the city, and people take turns to help (even we did it one day!)
255 copy
See, here is a photo of Diana right after we carried her. Notice the girls in front that took on the task after us. It was heavy and I was scared of dropping it the whole time.
306 copy
Each year she gets a new dress. It is quite eerie to see these figures up close. This one is fairly small but some churches have large and life sized statues that look human! And many of these are hundreds of years old. Mexico is littered with this rich religious history.
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I feel like I am bombarding you with church things, but they are these beautiful architectural feats that are central to Mexico. Each one is unique, you’ll see through my photos as well.
259 copy
298 copy
The city pays special groups of people that specialize in ancient native dancing to come perform throughout the festival. Even though here, the native culture was almost completely wiped out by the Spanish.
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One day we visited Tonala, a municipality of the Capital, Guadalajara. A combination of the heat and walking we did there resulted in very few photos. So I’ll only share this one. The city is a major shopping destination. Especially for traditional artisan goods, this was just one of the hundreds of stores.
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Our preferred drink for three weeks. Made with sugar cane, not with corn syrup. Just the way it should be.
333 copy
Back home, this is our street. The homes are side by side, everyone knows each other, neighbors actually talk to each other!
242 copy
And almost nothing but blue skies (except for the occasional thunder storm).
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What else can I say? Ask me anything!

  • RavenHairedDoll

    I'm SO glad I came across your blog!  Before I start telling you how cute your outfit is, let me start by saying that you're very lucky to be in Mexico.  I haven't been there in about 5-6 years.  These pictures you took have me wishing I were there right now.

    And I totally know what you mean about the whole corn syrup thing.  No wonder people always say that everything tastes better in Mexico lol.  I always make sure my drinks don't contain aspartame or corn syrup.  It's freaking disgusting!

    Anyway, great blog.  You're very pretty and I like your style 🙂  

    I'm now following you!

  • Gaby

    aaah, there is nothing in the world like a mexican coke!! as much as churches  have always scared me, i really want to visit some in mexico- they seem so open and warm and colorful.

  • LyddieGal

    It must be so fun to travel places so rich with history, tradition, and celebration. So unlike here!

  • Brandi

    These images are wonderful, makes me want to hop on a plane and head to Mexico right now.

  • Santina

    Eli, this post is tugging on my heart a little. Man, I miss Mexico!

    I think it's amazing that you stayed in a house your dad built, and your photos are gorgeous. I hope to see more cows in future posts! (Eeeee, I love cows!)

  • Eli

    One day you'll be back to Mexico, and yes, there's more cows 🙂

  • Eli

    It's funny because towards the end of my stay I was ready to come back home to the states, but now I'm really missing being in Mexico

  • Eli

    The churches there are amazing, each one is so unique and different, just dont make eye contact with the scary statues. 

  • Eli

    It was very interestingn to see how much had changed in the last time I had been there, which was also almost 6 years ago. One of my biggest regrets is not finding the way to stay there much longer, I should have done it while I was in college. Mexico is nothing like living in the US

  • So much culture! I love it. I love visiting churches too when I travel, there's just something so sacred about them and you always wonder how they built it or put arts up on it, so amazing! Keep your travel posts coming! 

  • Eli

     I've always wondered the same things. In fact at times, I see things at flea markets that look they've been stolen out of churches! They look pretty in church, but would you really bring those things home?

  • Patty

    Wow these photos are awesome, what are you using to shoot?

  • A.A

    Wow I've never been to Mexico but have always wanted to, how did you feel about what they show on tv? I know it's a little exaggerated at times,but there must be some truth to it?

  • Anna

    amazing photography!!

  • Eli

    I'm using a really old Canon rebel, but I think my lens is fairly nice. I'll look at it later and let you know

  • Eli


  • Eli

    There are so many things to say about this. Where I was I saw absolutely nothing but people going on in their daily lives. It may just be that the state of Jalisco is not as involved in narco/drug problems as other states. But also, I am not the type of person that does drug related things so I dunno. Other states and cities do have lots of problems, but I think it generally is more related to specific bordertowns or states (Michoacan has lots of problems because that is where the president is from, and since he is anti-narco, they are attacking his state). There is lots to be said about the same thing going on in the US, SAME types of things too but the TV chooses to dump it all on Mexico. Simply put, the solution could and would come if and when Americans stop doing drugs.

  • Adiel

    Wow, those photos are incredible! I've never been to Mexico, but between you and Santina, I'm dying to go!

  • RAEZ

    wow, it looks like youre having a really great trip so far! great photos, really fun to see some of the locals and different cultures within Mexico. 

    xx Raez

  • DailyGlamour

    great pics



  • Eli

    To get the right taste of Mexico, you have to go deep into it too. The border towns always have a different sense of the country (I think). I actually really want to go to Mexico city, I've heard so many amazing things about it!

  • Eli

    thanks, Mexico really isnt just what you see on TV! It is so much more beautiful and complex, the only thing I've ever seen close to representing Mexico truly, oddly enough, is Rick Bayless' cooking show!

  • lexy

    AHHH/ looks like you had some marvelous adventures! These pictures are great – they have so much energy to them. I went to Mexico a few years ago, but it was all that resort-y stuff. I would have loved to explored a bit more. Looks like an incredible time!

  • Eli

    This was the first time we got to experience the resort type of stuff in Mexico, those pictures will be coming very soon. The rest of the country is so different. It can go from a big bustling city to a small town in a very short distance. I think you would really like Mexico if you visited one day Lexy!

  • Stefanie Kuncman

    it looks amazing there id love to visit!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Eli

    The only thing about this part of Mexico is that having a translator or speaking Spanish is a must! A lot if not most of the people are not speaking English in these smaller cities in Mexico. That is more common in the very large cities like Tijuana or Mexico city.

  • Zarna

    coca cola with sugar cane is the best – i drink it when i go to india 🙂

  • jamie

    OH my dear Eli, you look amazing in Mexico! These photos are so cool and you have captured amazing and beautiful things =) Oh, i sooo need to travel and get out of Stockton =X

    xx, jamie


    i mean, how cool was it to run into you tonight? you are rad and super sweet! cant wait to see you again pretty lady. muah!

    love, jamie

  • Districtofchic

    What an amazing culture. I would love to go someday. I'm sorry to say I've never been to Latin America and I know I'm really missing out. Also, I'm going to San Francisco next week – where should I shop/eat?