New York State of mind

So excited that this is my first shiny super awesome and cool post under! On top of that, my Fall 2011 semester is over and I feel like I can have fun again! Expect lots of posts, videos, and other things coming soon!

Since I’m behind in posts, I want to share with you guys some pictures of my very short trip (only 2 full days) to NYC for the first time! We went the week right before they had that freak snowstorm in October, so it was perfect timing. We stayed in the Lower East Side and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I was honestly scared for some reason, and I’m glad my fears were just in my head. Now I can’t wait to figure out when to return!

I decided to go big on my maiden trip to NYC by being super bright and sunny.

Going Uptown (learned the difference between up and down-town)
NYC subway


Wearing- Top: Vintage Banana Republic thrifted, Skirt: the Gap thrifted. Belt: Jcrew from Buffalo Exchange SF. Shoes: vintage mens shoes from Rose Bowl Flea Market. Bag: Lesportsac, birthday present.

In the hallway of our rather strange and tiny weekend apartment

Walking, did tons of this, but I’m used to it here in San Francisco

Overlooking the lake in Central Park (at first I typed Golden Gate Park, oops)
NYC Central Park

Observing art at the Guggenheim museum
NYC Guggenheim

And after one of the mornings of wandering the neighborhood with too many choices to eat, we stopped at this little place.


Looking at these pictures makes me regret having cut my bangs, dang-it.

I took this trip to really absorb the city, I did not take these photos nor did I take any photos that weren’t instagrammed – I didn’t want to miss out on anything and have it all in my head instead of fiddling with a camera like I typically would. What I learned was that two days is in no way enough time to do much in New York City.¬† But it also made me appreciate the more gentle side of San Francisco, where not every street is a busy street. Again, I honestly cannot believe this was my first time – I went to Europe before I went to NYC, that’s some kind of travesty! We got to hit up the new Uniqlo stores, New York Public Library, Grand Central Station, the Highline, Trump Towers, Topshop, Brooklyn for a few minutes, Grand Central Station, and that was pretty much it. These photos are kind of out of order since I changed into tights later on in the day because it started to get cold.

I want to point out to some of you that because of the new website, I’m working out the RSS feed issues, until then, you may want to just go ahead and punch it in into your reader!

Have a great week and look forward to more posts :)
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 Edit!: I forgot to add that Nicole was the lucky winner of the Shopbop contest, congrats! But the Shopbop people let me know that they want to hold another in a few months. So I will keep all of you posted.